Ways To Configure log4net For .NET Core

Ways To Configure log4net For .NET Core

We start with the mention that the log4net team published new NuGet packages which support.NETStandard 1.3, which says it must work with .NET Core. This article is to discuss Ways To Configure log4net For .NET Core

To start with: Configure() log4net

To add a reference to the log4net NuGet package is no problem. If you worked previously with log4net for any amount of time, you know that you must add codes for configuring it.

XmlConfigurator.Configure() needs some parameters that we didn’t usually provide in the past.

Configuration Workaround: Load It Manually

This log4net is good enough to load its configuration from a web.config or log4net.config file. In .NET Core, it doesn’t appear to know how.

It makes sense that this can’t read from a web.config/app.config because they don’t exist in .NET Core.

But, it doesn’t automatically try to read a log4net.config file. To mention, NLog does the same thing. You need to configure manually as in .NET Core.

With little little reverse dtudying, you will know how to load the log4net.config file and configure log4net.

var logRepository = LogManager.GetRepository(Assembly.GetEntryAssembly());

XmlConfigurator.Configure(logRepository, new FileInfo(“log4net.config”));

You can get this to work with a .NET Core app targeting both netcoreapp1.0 and net452. Sum up that to your Program.cs as the first thing your code does.

There is a mention about some limitations with the current 2.0.7 version of log4net. Hopefully, there will be some more developments. and definitely we are going to update our information too. 

Now with this, we conclude. We hope this was of help to you.

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