Types of Plastics Used in Construction

Types of Plastics Used in Construction

Plastics are most widely used material used in construction now a days so following are types of plastics used in construction industry.

Types Of Plastics Used in Construction :


The polymerized vinyl monomers are used to make the polyethylene plastic. The monomer is regarded as a simple compound which can be polymerized to become a macromolecular compound. The macromolecular compound can be polymerized by a simple compound called Monomer. The monomer can be polymerized using three ways and they are middle-pressure, high-pressure process, and low-pressure process. Various degrees of Density and crystallinity are made in various ways. Low crystallinity has high-pressure polyethylene while low-pressure polyethylene makes higher density and crystallinity. On the contrary, there is a decrease in the toughness and elongation. There are a better chemical stability and water resistance in polyethylene plastic. Although its strength is not high it is very flexible with less temperature.


This is a frequently used building plastic made from the polymerized vinyl chloride monomer and it has a better chemical stability and aging resistance but reduced heat resistance. If the temperature is more than 100 degrees C it may decompose and metamorphose. The ideal temperature of about 60 to 80 degree Celsius where this compound should be used. By including various amounts of plasticizer, hard and soft polyvinyl chloride plastic can be developed.


Polymerized styrene monomer is used to make polystyrene plastic. It can transmit light excellently, very good pigmentation, chemically stable, light resistance, water resistance, low price, and easy processing. There are few disadvantages like poor impact toughness, weak stiffness, weak heat resistance, and easy flammability.


Polymerized acrylic monomer makes the polypropylene plastic. It contains lightweight density 0.90g/cm sq, strong heat resistance (100-120 degree C) with continuous ductility and water resistance. It is not that rigid in low temperature and poor air resistance. This is used for indoor works. Currently, there is a heavy demand for this compound.


Organic glass also termed as thermoplastic resin can be made from the polymerized polymethyl methacrylate. It has the benefit of very good strength, the light transmittance at reduced temperature, better heat resistance, better aging resistance, and easy processes.


Polybasic alcohol or diatomic are condensed to make polyester resin. There is a good bonding capacity, better colorability, elasticity, heat resistance, flexibility, heat resistance, and water resistance.


The influence of alkaline catalyst or acid catalyst is used for the phenolic resin to make polymerizing phenol and aldehyde. It has very good light resistance, better cohesion strength, water resistance, and electrical insulation. It has poor stiffness.


Hydrolysing one or more organic silicon monomer helps in making Organic Silicon resin. It has the properties of cold resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, water resistance. It is poor in cohesive force, mechanical force etc.

The above types of plastics used in construction of roads, so make use of them effectively.

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