career in sql

How To Make A Successful Career In SQL:

SQL stands for structured query language and is meant for manipulating, communicating data stored in RDBMS databases. There are lots of domains spread across SQL and has various concepts and theories. To initiate career in SQL one must master all the SQL concepts.

There are lots of jobs in the market with respect to SQL and there are lots of demands in this field. This field will always be in demand and be beneficial for you. There are lots of professionals who are interested in this field.

Qualifications To Boost Your Career In SQL

Depending on the client needs and job type, the careers in SQL job needs and selection criteria would differ:

The SQL professionals would need to have a bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in computer science or computer information systems (CIS) or IT in the future.

Database Administrator Certification, Database Developer, Database Architect, Database Designer will give lots of value to the education.

PL/SQL and ETL Tools must be learned as an added information which has lots of demands in the market today.

Career Path in SQL

SQL is the third most famous database server that is present today and there are lots of SQL professionals that work with SQL database server on a daily basis.

Business Intelligence professionals, Data Science, SQL Server Database administration, and Development are few of the SQL career paths.

Among other career prospects, DBA has a very excellent demand today. There are lots of DBA career paths like Production DBA, Development DBA, and Infrastructure DBA.

Job Positions or Application Areas:

1. Database Administrator (DBA) – Maintains SQL Server databases

2. Database Developer– Design and implementation of databases.

3. Database testers – Validation of database for right data loaded.

4. Data Scientist– Deals with analyzing, predicting and mining data to drive the business ahead.

5. ETL Developer – Extraction and transformation of data from databases.

6. Data Application Interface Developer– Works with various programming languages like C#, Asp Dot Net etc.

7. BI Application Developer– This job is in completed demand in the market and it deals with reporting, data transformation, data warehousing for analyzing various data cubes and marts.

8. BI Administrator– ETL jobs are executed, published and monitored and contrasted with SQL database for backend Validation.

9. Big Data Expert – Deals with various tools of big data like Spark, Hadoop, Hive etc.

10. Cloud database Expert– There are lots of cloud databases like GCC, AWS, Microsoft Azure that requires SQL professionals.

11. Database Migration Engineer– Meant for database migration or data migration from various sources in SQL server.

12. Data Analyst – creates key performance indicators to analyze the data.

13. BI Reporting Engineer– Executes business reports and metrics with the help of various BI tools like Tableau, Microstrategy, Panorama Necto Business Intelligence solutions in SQL databases reporting concept.

14. BI Solution Architect (SME) – Solutions for a business problem is offered by data analysis from lots of sources like SQL.

15. NoSQL DBA- There are lots no SQL databases like MongoDB but SQL Skills are quite applicable to work with NoSQL administration.

16. Big Data Architect– In the current world scenario data is everything and is very huge in volume, velocity therefore big data architect offers solutions to handle data in large numbers.