Top Highest Paying Jobs in Clinical Research

Highest Paying Jobs in Clinical Research | Career

Here is the list of Highest paying jobs in clinical research in India. This list is very useful for those who are looking for the highest paying careers in the industry.

Highest Paying Careers in India / Highest Paying Jobs in Clinical Research

1) Clinical Research Coordinator:

There are few significant members of clinical research coordinators who deal with experiments, medical studies, and clinical research. Investigators of projects are dealt with by such professionals to check research protocols, be ready for clinical trials and experiments, fetch approval from regulatory and ethics committees, collect data, supervise analysts and analyze results.

Required Skills

A very strong managerial, interpersonal and communication skills foster an effective and good work environment. As a clinical research coordinator, you need to have multitasking ability and prioritize the tasks.

Alternative Careers

  • Medical Laboratory Technologist

  • Medical Scientist

Educational Requirements

To get into this highest paying job in Clinical Research you need to complete 4 years of bachelor’s degree in medical technology, microbiology or public health administration. There are few positions that demand a 2-year master’s degree in one of these fields. If you want to make your career in clinical research there are a few common courses that you need to undertake like biostatistics, biochemistry, epidemiology, mathematics, anatomy, and healthcare management.

Such professionals would earn a median salary of about Rs 60,000.

2) Clinical Research Associate

Such professionals work in a laboratory set up and need to deal with lab experiments and tasks. Running or assisting the experiments, clinical trials, making detailed observations, analysis, and interpretation of data, and conclusions. Formulating and writing research protocols, designing data collection forms and handling regulatory paperwork and applications are other duties of CRAs.

Alternate Career Options

  • Veterinary Technologist

  • Biological Technician

Skill Requirements

Such professionals need to work in a team and need to have excellent communicational skills. Good attention to details, medical trials, and experiments will assist such professionals.

Educational Requirements

There is a difference in employment and demands of particular positions as per the credential needs. There is a need for a bachelor’s degree in a biomedical related field like life science or medical technology. You need to take a 4-year bachelor program which consists of organic chemistry, biology, evaluation methods, biochemistry, clinical information systems, research in biomedicine and anatomy.

Such professionals earn a median salary of about Rs 29,000.

3) Research Scientist :

There are various fields like chemistry, biology, environmental science, computer science, physics, medicine, anthropology, history, political science, and sociology. Results are interpreted, data is collected for answering the questions about human and the natural world. At colleges, universities, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and private research and development companies such research scientists actually work. Such professionals earn a median salary of about Rs 35,000.

Skills Required

Such professionals must be very inquisitive and must have analytical skills, focus on details. Their findings in oral presentations and publications are reported and therefore they need excellent communication and writing skills.

Alternate Career Options

  • Natural Sciences Manager

  • Postsecondary Teacher

Required Education

Doctorate or master’s degree in particular fields like physics, biology, or chemistry is required. After completing such post graduation studies you can work in colleges, universities, private and public sector jobs.

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