Top Biotech Interview Questions and Answers with Best Tips

Best Biotech Interview Questions and Answers 2019

Q.1. What is DNA?
There are lots of living organisms with DNA genetic material except for few viruses like Tobacco mosaic virus and AIDS where RNA is regarded as the genetic material. Macromolecules called nucleic acids to consist of DNA and RNA categories. In the year 1953, the structure of DNA was proposed by Watson and Crick. A long chain polymer r otherwise called DNA is composed of monomeric units called nucleotides. Polynucleotide chain is meant for composing DNA molecule. Deoxyribose sugar molecule is meant for composing each nucleotide.

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Q.2. What are the significant features of DNA revealed by Franklin and Wilkins?
These are the following features of DBA revealed by Franklin and Wilkins:
The molecule has a diameter of 20 A
A spiral staircase resembles this helical structure.
3.4 A is the distance between successive nucleotides.
3.4 A is the distance between successive turns of the helix that is there are about 10 nucleotides in every turn of the helix.
Q.3. What do you mean by DNA Isolation?
From Basel in Switzerland, a physiological chemist named Miescher (1844-1895) was the first scientist to discover DNA. This fundamental discovery was made by Miescher.  In the field of physiology, genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology the isolation of DNA is mostly used. There are lots of applications like DBA structure and chemistry studies, DNA protein interactions, sequencing or polymerase chain reactions (PCR), and performing lots of genetic studies or gene cloning.
Q.4. How to isolate Fungal Genomic DNA?
From a culture disc or liquid culture, harvest mycelium directly. Centrifugation and the supernatant remove the DNA before isolation or storage where liquid culture cells should be pelleted. At a temperature of 80-degree celsius harvested samples can either be frozen or freeze-dried.
Q.5. What do you understand by the term DNA Recombination?
There are other segments of DNA which do not interact with the DNA helix and in human cells, the different chromosomes of human cells occupy isolated areas in the nucleus called chromosome territories. As a stable repository for information, the physical isolation of various chromosomes is significant as one of the few times to communicate during chromosomal crossover when they recombine. When two DNA helices break, Chromosomal crossover swaps a section and then rejoin.

Q.6 How to isolate RNA from Acid Phenol?
1) Cell sample or tissue is provided up to 1g into a 15 ml polypropylene tube on ice.
2) Include 4 ml of denaturing solution and homogenize with the glass homogenizer until the tissue is disrupted completely.
3) Include 400 micro lot of 2 M sodium acetate pH 4.0 and mix.
4) Include 4 ml of water-saturated phenol. Mix.
5) Include 800 micro lot of chloroform-isoamyl alcohol (49:1). Shake vigorously for 10 seconds.
6) Keep it in ice for 15 minutes.
7) Centrifuge for 20 minutes, at 8000 rpm and 4-degree Celsius.
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