Best Software Testing Training Institute in Pune

Best Software Testing Training Institute in Pune

CRB Tech is one of the best Software Testing Training Institute in Pune who provides top software testing training program & certification courses in pune.

As they say, a good teacher would give birth to a bright student. This is applicable to every aspect of life! That includes your career as well.

The best quality of training would provide you a solid foundation for a long lasting career. Be it a field like Software Testing or any other. This underlines the fact that wherever you are located, look for the best quality training. E.g. If you are based in Pune and aspiring for a career in Software Testing, then, these Best Software testing training institute in Pune would be the best choice for you.

How to find whether these top Software testing training institute in Pune is good or not?

Well, you can ask a few questions to yourself and find answers to them:

– What is the course syllabus?

– What is the placement record of the concerned institute?

– Are the faculty qualified and experienced?

Such and similar questions….if you find the answers to most of them to be ‘YES’, then you can say that you have found one!

Pune being an IT major city, has got a number of training institutes for Software Testing. Based on the research carried out by experts, and in the light of specific criteria, there are institutes that can be said to be amongst the best Software testing training institute in Pune, offering different Testing courses in Pune.

After listing out some of the best Software Testing course in Pune, we will see over here in detail, what one of them offers with regards to Software Testing training. To begin with, let’s consider

CRBtech, which is an established and premier training and placement facilitator that is known to conduct one of the best Software Testing Training Program in Pune with placement.

If at all, what makes CRBtech to be amongst the top training providers in the Software Testing domain?Let’s try to find out taking into consideration some of the factors…

First things first,

It might sound cliché, but the reality is that majority students undergo training to get good placement/jobs.

Where does CRBtech stand in terms of placements?

Placement Scenario at CRBtech

A ‘100% job guarantee‘ is the USP of the Software Testing training and placement programme at CRBtech.

– Placement clients:

CRBtech’s association with a number of placement clients proves to be immensely beneficial for the trainees in getting good placement opportunities.

– Placement figures:

CRBtech has placed a number of its candidates in reputed companies such as Amdocs, Capgemini, Mindgate, Vyomlabs etc. Talking of numbers, almost 400+ students have been placed by CRBtech in a couple of years.

– LOI i.e. Letter of Intent:

A unique offering from CRBtech placements.

CRBtech provides LOI or you can term it as a company offer letter at the start of the training itself. So, you have a job at hand right then!

Unlimited interview calls forms another salient offering from CRBtech.

Training forms another important parameter that needs to be considered…..

The training experience at CRBtech-

Let’s begin with the syllabus

– Software Testing syllabus:

The Software Testing syllabus is designed in such a manner, so as to cover both Manual and Automation Testing in depth.

Technical knowledge

Software Testing demands good conceptual knowledge of the concepts, and more importantly its practical application. Therefore, special attention is given on this, and students are given a lot of Testing assignments during their Software Testing certification course in Pune. This helps them turn into professional software testers.

– Add on training:

A feature Of CRBtech that ensures overall development of the candidates.

What comes under this?

Soft Skill training

Soft skills proves to be a weak area for majority the students. Proper communication is necessary when you enter the corporate world. Therefore, soft skill training is provided to the students to boost their confidence. Many of CRBtech’s students have stated to have benefited from this.

German as a foreign language

Learning the German language at CRBtech can benefit you in getting a job abroad in a country like Germany.

Aptitude and interview training

Dedicated aptitude and mock interview (GD & PI) sessions are conducted for CRB students to help them acclimatize and perform confidently in these rounds, during actual hiring process.


CRBtech is known to have on board, experts from the Software Testing industry for this course. They share their knowledge, skills and experience with the trainees. They also give valuable tips that help to crack interviews.

All these factors combined with state of the art infrastructure at CRBtech, contribute in making it amongst the few best software testing training institute in pune.

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