Contract Research Organization List

Contract Research Organization List

Here is the list of top 9 contract research organization in India and worldwide, read it and get to know the Best CRO’s list.

In 2016, there were lots of industry leaders by market share and revenue among the list of top 9 contract research organization. Such people are enhancing their presence via strategic partnerships and service provisions.

Top CRO Contract Research Organization List

1) INC Research 

The bulk of 915 million dollars in 2015 was earned by INC Research via late-stage clinical trials and in the same year, the Best CRO award by Scrip Intelligence has been ranked by Top CRO to operate with the CenterWatch Global Investigative Site Relationship Survey. A 150 million dollar public offering was given by the company in 2014 and it had very huge sales that drove the company’s 14.2 % enhancement over 2014 revenues and it had a concrete status as a CRO to watch in 2016.

2) Chiltern

There are three specialized sectors to be focused on by Chiltern’s global operations and they are Oncology, Biopharma, and Source which provides functional service provider that assists in finding staff and resources to meet clients and individual demands. This company has a history of winning the CRO Leadership award four times by Life Science Leader magazine.

3) Charles River Laboratories

Celsis international, the developer of fast bacterial detection systems, preclinical cancer CRO Oncotest and most currently WIL research are present in CRO’s acquisition. In 2014, the company generated 1.3 billion dollars in revenues.

4) PPD

Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD) currently isolated from its 2014 biotech X-Chem, spurring market rumors that isolately held PPD for selling or initial public offering (IPO). PPD is very much engaged in tying up with biotech company Moderna to offer clinical trial support and coordination and it gains two US government contracts in late 2015 battlefield by evaluating influenza vaccines and new medicinal developments.

5) PRA Health Sciences

The global markets have welcomed the PRA since 2014 with a particular focus on regional sectors and Singapore. In the next few years, PRA is expected to complete a US-based project to include more than 250 clinical trial assistant and clinical research jobs. The vaccine research is also very much focused by the company.

6) Icon

In the year 2015, the top tier CRO generated revenues of about 1.57 billion dollars and an impressive 4.8% and enhanced over 2014 and has got lots of acquisitions in the recent years with Genomics England on the UKS 1,00,000 Genomes Project and IBM Watson for oncology research assistance.

7) inVentiv Health

The revenue in 2015 was expected to be 2 billion dollars in CRO and the projects resumed to have strong sales in 2016. Diverse support ranging from clinical development to market services have been supported by the support and it achieved a major goal when the UK National Health Service implemented InVentiv’s, Mytrus electronic informed software for clinical trials.

8) Parexel

2.1 billion dollars has been generated by Paraxel in 2016 as it continues to expand into lower-cost emerging markets while continuously linking up with GlaxoSmithKline for exploring genomic-based drug development and Optum for enhancing clinical research process with big data.

9) Covance

In 2015, LabCorp was purchased by Covance who expected annual revenues greater than 2.5 dollar billion before its acquisition and enhanced LabCorp’s 2015 revenues by 2.6 billion dollars. In 2016 the company gained more profit.

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