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9 Programming Blogs You Cannot Do Without:

A software programmer is a person that is required to keep on re-inventing self. In today’s times, blogs happen to be the tool that is useful for gaining knowledge and information. Specially, if you are a programmer. Also, they help you to stay updated with the latest in your field.

Presenting you with a list of programming blogs, that every programmer is expected to follow:

Geeks for Geeks:

Geeks for Geeks blog is nothing but an online journal where programmers and software engineers, who are longing for a career in large tech organizations, interact. On this platform, geeks in programming look for relevant responses to expected programming questions that might be asked amid interviews. Geeks for Geeks falls in the client submitted blog category where developers who as yet are beginners post their self interview experiences.

Google’s Developer blog:

Google owned, this blog has got relevant discussion groups for programmers who for the most part utilize Google developer’s product. It can prove to be a value addition in your programming profession in the event that you are inclined to take a shot at Google developer’s projects. It likewise offers the news and insights on Google tools, platforms and events.


Hackerearth has earned itself a name as a contest site. Its blog is maintained and run by the industry experts. One can find diverse articles on various programming tools and cutting-edge technology that may go far to help you in becoming an expert at programming. Also, there happen to be webinars that will guide you on how to become a successful programming blogger.

Six Rivisions:

Started in 2008 by a programming master, Jacob Gube, Six Revisions is popular of being a programming blog that has helpful and viable articles based on programming for web engineers and planners. You will likewise come across instructional exercises, programming tool guidance and detailed information on anything from HTML to JavaScript to CSS amongst numerous others. On the off chance that you are interested in propelling your programming career, at that point, this is one blog that ought to be on your bucket list.

The Linux Foundation:

On the off chance that you require an assortment of content identified with open source and shell scripting or anything that is based around programming and software engineering, at that point you will have to follow the Linux Foundation blog. There happen to be in-depth programming and cutting edge tech specific articles from the authors of Linux Foundation who are for the most part specialists in programming as well as software engineering. Linux is likewise considered as the best O.S. for software developers/programmers, so, it becomes essential to comprehend what’s happening in the Linux world.

Developer blog from Microsoft:

Developer blog from Microsoft is the brainchild of professional software engineers who possess vast knowledge of programming and web advancement. Sharing their priceless experience, these programming blogs are a recommended read for all the programmers out there. The blog also brings latest information related to recent software and technological development that would prove to be very resourceful in assisting you to come up with quality content for your own blog on programming.

The Github:

This programming blog offers you with a channel to communicate with fellow coders, students and trainers too. One can come across dedicated assignments meant for honing your abilities as a programmer. You are permitted to post any kind of questions on any issues identified with programming and professional trainers take you through each step. In addition, there are good articles written by teachers and different students to enable you to create content for your personal programming blog.

DZone boasts itself for being a programming blog that will cater you with in-depth insights into the coding and development universe. Articles that contain helpful content that is by all accounts very much detailed and expert written, in the field of programming. This is one more blog that you are required to acquaint yourself with.

Coding Horror:

The Coding Horror has turned into yet another programming blog that has ended up being very resourceful for software programmers. Jeff Atwood who happens to be the main blogger, is a person who is very much experienced in programming. He more often than not offers useful programming tips combined with attractive visuals. What one would cherish most is the way in which the programming content is delivered, up to a great extent upbeat and quirky consequently focusing on all levels of software programmers. The blog appears not quite a bit active this year, but rather it has several blog articles on critical programming and coding ideas and concepts.

For other useful programming blogs like these, you can carry out you search and find them. Following these blogs would help you in your career as a programmer. Try them out !

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