Pharmaceutical Interview Questions and Answers & Top Tips

Pharmaceutical Interview Questions and Answers

CRB Tech Provides training on the list of best Pharmaceutical Interview Questions and Answers along with top tips to clear the interview rounds in the companies.

1) Introduce yourself

This question is asked in all the interviews and is basically a stress buster interview question. Here you need to be confident tell about yourself with your name, native, qualification, experience if any. You need to be short, crisp and assertive in expressing about yourself.

2) Why do you want to choose us?

This question requires knowledge and research about the company and the industry by acquiring such knowledge you can analyze the skills you have and correlate it with the company. You can actually express how you will be mutually beneficial for each other.

3) What are your strengths?

Here you need to mention some of the positive traits as per the job requirement which would actually increase the chance of getting hired. It is also important, to be honest.

4) What is your weakness?

You must not answer like you are not having any weakness which would actually project that you are overconfident. You should analyze any negative point which should not affect the job profile you are applying for and also mention the steps you are taking to overcome it.

5) Why should we hire you?

This question is for analyzing where do you stand and how do you rate yourself. You may repeat the skill set and the strengths you have as per the job profile and provide an explanation that will prove your worth.

6) What do you know about us?

You need to do research about the company, mission vision, clients, services, etc to answer this question.

7) Why do you want to change your previous job?

You need to provide details which will not reduce the chance of getting hired, of course, if the company has been shut down you can state the same reason but if you had any problem with your previous boss then you can actually say you are looking for better prospects.

8) What are your salary expectations?

If you are a fresher you can say your motto is to gain experience, therefore, you expect a salary as per the industry standards and company norms. If you are having experience then you can actually expect a 30 percent hike.

9) What are your career goals?

You can mention your career goals in chunks and parts like short-term and long-term goals.

10) Do you have any questions?

Here you can ask questions about your job profile and what does the company or the manager expect you to do and what would be your daily targets.

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