Mr. Vivek Velankar

AVR Infotech

What is career is always a question mark ; as some see good job ; good salary ; good position means career ; some see status in the society means career ; but the real definition of career is achieving heights in the area of interest . once you strive to achieve this all above things like good job ; good salary ; status etc. will automatically follow. In movie 3 idiots Aammir khan has a beautiful dialogue ; where he tells his colleagues that don’t run after success run after achieving capabilities ; once you achieve capabilities success will follow. So when one selects a career path he must do some introspection about what he likes most and also what he dislikes most . he should not go after area / subjects he dislikes just because every body runs behind it ; say for example students who do not like physics ; still try to shape their career in engineering just because every body is going for that career.

Ultimately remember that every person is different and every body’s likings ; disliking ; interest areas can be different. So select a area / subjects of your interest & liking and then to achieve heights and capabilities in that one has to involve & engross in the interest area to such an extent that he forgets entire world when he is engrossed in that area / subject . Amitabh bacchan who is dominating film industry for more than four decades still puts in 12-14 hours a day in his work dedicatedly ; that dedication can definitely achieve the goal. One may get temporary setbacks in his life but should have achievement motivation so strong that he should be able to overcome such rough patches with dedication & determination. There is a common question about a career & that is which career has better scope ; let us understand 20 % top students in any field have best career opportunities while 20 % bottom students have no opportunity ; so it does not matter which field you choose for career ultimately your commitment ; hard work ; dedication & motivation is what gives you success.