Mr. Shekhar Khakurdikar

BNT Soft Pvt. Ltd.

Career is nothing but your journey of making use of your education, learning and work experience to live a balanced life. People often use the terms ‘Career’ and ‘Job’ interchangeably, however its not true. Job is something you go to workplace to earn your paycheck. Job is part of your career. Another definition of Career could be, your experiences in multiple jobs combined together is called as Career. Career has goals, job doesn’t. Everyone should define/choose the path for their career and then pick a job that will help to walk/run on the chosen path. To choose right carrier one should know his/her passion, his/her capability and feasible opportunities in the market.

If all three are strong enough the career would be easy, balanced and enjoyable. Lets see what happens if anyone of these is weak. Passion is weak – you have capability and you have opportunity, but lack of passion will not make your career enjoyable. Capability is weak – even if you have passion and very good opportunities, you will not able to survive in the world of competition that will lead to frustration. Opportunity is weak – with just your passion and capability, you won’t be able to earn enough to live a life you wished to. Thus everyone should always think and find out a right combination while choosing career.