Mr.Rajendra Gaikwad

Managing Director
GT Engineering Pvt. Ltd

Work life balance is a subjective matter. We all have our priorities and we all want a certain lifestyle outside of work. Some may be willing to sacrifice some personal time for the sake of climbing the corporate ladder. Others may not. Maybe creating a dream job is about getting more responsibility. Taking ownership of a project is a good way of assuming more responsibility. It’s worth a try creating your dream job where you are now, and if you are going to quit anyway, this could the last shot.

We also must know that what is in front of us as an employment opportunity is a job or a career. Ask yourself whether you hope to be promoted at some point, or you just need to collect a salary slip. If you just need your bank passbook to be filled in with heavy figure, simply don’t become emotionally involved at all. Do the tasks you’re told to do and conserve your emotional and mental energy for the other pieces of your life. If you’re hoping that this employment opportunity will push you on to other things, then turn on the passion. Figuring this out right off the bat can save you a ton of investment in a job. Save that investment for your family, your passions, or your career.