Mr. Milind Paranjape

Senior Manager
Technical Janseva Sahakari Bank Ltd.

Work with passion with small steps help you to reach the destination. Regardless of your current job, bringing passion to your work can lay a foundation for success. Not just success in your current job, but success for every rung you want to take up the company ladder. You may hate your job now, but the attitude you take towards it can play a pivotal role in your career. Passion also brings energy to your work. Instead of getting the work done just in time, turn it up and deliver it ahead of schedule. Instead of watching the clock for the time to go home, stay later and use that energy to drive yourself to do more. To be passionate about your work you must be motivated to be the best that you can be. Over time people will notice, how you feel about your job will change. Who knows you might even look forward to coming to work on Monday.