Mr. Madhav Limaye

Senior Technical Specialist
Persistent Systems Ltd.

If you want to change roles or get ahead in your career, it’s important that you know how to identify and pursue opportunities that are a good match for your interests, skills, and circumstances. This takes time. You can think of the process of finding opportunities as a journey that will eventually lead you to an exciting but unknown destination. You need to be patient, and persist in your efforts. That said, work that you put in now will pay off in the future. Not only will you end up in a role that’s right for you, but you’ll have a good understanding of your options. What’s more, people will think of you when new openings come up, and you won’t waste time pursuing the wrong opportunities. You’ll also have a better understanding of where you need to build new skills – and develop existing ones – to be successful in your career. Above all, avoid being a typical sort of person. Keep your information technology skills fresh with ongoing training and career development, and be prepared to learn whatever else you need to learn when new opportunities open up. But if you’re not sure whether you want to pursue any of the four fields listed by the record, then don’t limit yourself. Make your IT training work for you.