Mr. Devendra Mishra

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Whatever we do, whichever career we choose what matters is the right attitude, correct ethics and respect for what we do. These qualities will be the deciding factor in the success of our life. Ethics and attitude will count far more than your talent. Even if you are highly talented and you are a born prodigy lack of right attitude will take us nowhere.

Vinod Kambli had enormous talent but was not able to make justice to his career just because he lost the right attitude towards the game. While Sachin Tendulkar was not an inborn talent but he developed his skills and applied effectively in his game. When he was 14 he once played for 55 days without a break. He use to practice and have a match every 2 hours. It is not his talent which has earned him 100 international 100s but the right attitude and ethics towards the game. He always was a student of the game striving to learn every at moment.
Talent Breeds ego whereas right attitude helps solving most of the problems yet being humble. So don’t bother much if you are not an in-born talent, instead have the right attitude to succeed in life.

The word GOAL is being thrown around an awful lot these days. Everyone you meet has what he or she calls a BIG GOAL in life. My goal is to do this; it’s to do that. But do any of us know what a goal actually means? To most goals are anything and far too often everything you want to do. But is that really what a goal supposed to be?

A goal is not everything you want, but a part of what you want that is of the greatest importance, something that will make you better as a person, something that will be an achievement.

A Goal has to be: SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely)

Instead learn from mistakes and try not to repeat the same. Whenever a boundary is broken, it creates some fear. The fear creates dislike. This dislike puts us back in the boundary. And to keep us in the boundary we put forth defences. Every time we try to defend our position, it makes our more and more weak. Drop all defences. When we are totally defenceless, that’s when we’ll be strong. In few countries while recruiting in Defence army they don’t select the candidates who have never failed just because if they fail in future they won’t be knowing what to do. Instead they pick people who have failed and bounced back. Being a good learner not only helps in the initial part of our life but throughout our life. Once the learning stops, development stops. Know that we are a student forever. Knowledge may come to us from any corner. Remember the ancient saying “let knowledge flow from all sides”. Each occasion teaches us and each person teaches us. The world is our teacher. We are often fearful of change. Change is inevitable in many fronts. We need to know there is a need for change to improve our life, but we feel secure in the old pattern. We have to evaluate the pros and the cons. We have to see whether that gives us short-term joy and misery in the long run or short-time pain and joy in the long run. Life is a combination of both change and non-change.