List of Clinical Research Jobs in India

List of Clinical Research Jobs in India

CRB Tech provides in this post, A list of best clinical research jobs in Pune and India. It includes CRA, CRO, CRC, CDM, PV, CRM and more.

1) Clinical Research Associate (CRA), Field Monitor, Clinical Monitor or Trial Monitor

Clinical research trials are used for curing various kinds of diseases and conditions and also for testing various medicines and treatments by doctors and scientists. This profession demands lots of efforts to be successful. A proper trial is executed by lots of people working together in clinical research trials. In clinical research, it is possible to find various career paths. Let us see various types of Clinical Research jobs in India:

Individuals administering clinical trials are monitored and supervised by CRA monitors. CRA professionals are hired by sponsors who actually back up the trial with monetary support. This job profile makes sure about data filing, reviewing case reports, performing investigations for products genuineness and documentation of important items. The research on pharmaceuticals, devices, and biologics are helped by CRAs. Good Clinical Practices and the protocols are supervised by CRA monitors for which they travel a lot.

2) Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC), Research Nurses or Site Managers

The investigators supervise the Clinical Research Coordinator Individuals. They work in coordination with Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) or Principal Investigators (PI) with the help of good clinical practice (GCP). They need not travel and just need to make the site, hire, screen and fetch patients. With experience, knowledge, and education CRCs can get promoted to CRAs

3) Data Manager

This is another important clinical research jobs in India. It is very much important. The data is produced by the data managers and they are considered as the system architects. The data manager must have proper knowledge of all the data and strategies. The data manager reviews the protocol for the trials and generates the instructions before the start of clinical trials. The sensibility and genuineness of the data are monitored and maintained well in the database by the data manager.

4) Clinical Research Scientist

A good amount of working experience in the field of clinical research trials is needed to become a Clinical Research Scientist. They must be aware of assessments, submission process, regulatory framework etc. These people travel very rarely but may be needed as per the company and sponsor trials.

5) The Biostatistician

These professionals set up protocols for data collection about a product to meet certain criteria which will then be approved by the Food and Drugs Administration. This job demands honesty and authenticity.

6) The Clinical Quality Assurance Auditor (CQA)

The main role of this job profile is to inspect the processes and documents of the clinical trial to check whether they meet the required protocols and criteria which is termed as good clinical practice (GCP).

The clinical quality assurance auditor also needs to make sure that the trial is adhering to the standard operating procedures (SOP). The standards, guidelines, and the rules of clinical trials are changing often. It is up to the clinical assurance auditor to stay up to date on the rules and regulations and make sure that they are being followed.

7) Clinical Safety Analyst

This is a very important profile among the list of clinical research jobs in India because they need to monitor, code, organize and track the negative events that happen during the trial. They need to be empathetic and observe from the people’s point of view. Apart from tracking the negative events, they would actually make sure that each and every patient is safe and gets the complete medical care. They must also exhibit the negative reports of FDA. Most of the nurses actually work in this position and others with relevant experience of 2 to 4 years can also work over here.

There are other clinical research jobs in India that you can apply for and they are:

  • The medical writer

  • Research Assistant

  • Regulatory Coordinator

  • CTMS Manager

  • CTMS Associate

  • Senior Business Development Associate

  • Business Development Assistant

  • Senior QA Assistant

  • QA Assistant

  • Manager of Patient Recruitment

  • Patient Recruitment Specialist

  • Administrator Clinical Systems Info

  • Senior CRA

  • Manager Clinical Development

  • Director

  • Senior Manager

  • VP

  • SVP

Endless Job Opportunities

There are lots of job opportunities in the field of clinical research. To know more about clinical trials and clinical research stay connected with us.

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