A List of Best Pharmaceutical Jobs in Pune, Mumbai along with Top Companies

A List of Best Pharmaceutical Jobs in Pune and Mumbai

There are lots of best pharmaceutical jobs in Pune & Mumbai with top companies. Join CRB Tech now and make a successful career in this field.

Top Pharmaceutical Companies in Pune

  • Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd

  • Lupin

  • Serum Institute of India

  • Emcure Pharmaceuticals

  • Indus Biotech

  • TCG Life sciences Ltd

  • Acton Biotech

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Best Pharmaceutical careers:

CRB Tech Provides opportunities in the best Pharmacovigilance jobs in Pune, Mumbai and all over India it has tie-ups with top Pharmacovigilance companies in Pune.

Let us see few lucrative careers in the pharmaceutical industry:

Sales Representative

This is one of the most chosen jobs by the candidates who are willing to work in Top Pharmaceutical companies in Pune and Mumbai. In this profile, you need to market and promote the product to the customers by dealing with records and having good relationships with clients etc. On an average, you will earn about 46,67,291.97Indian Rupee per year.

Research & Development Manager

This field is for those people who are actually interested in learning and exploring new topics. You would need to do research, manage the project, personnel management etc. On an average, you will earn about 70,65,729.74 Rs Best Pharmaceutical Companies in Mumbai

Project Manager

This profile is not the same when compared to other industries because you need to monitor the new medical equipment and medicinal development. You will be in collaboration with doctors, engineers, and clinical researchers to make sure about the product delivery on time. On an average, you will earn about 57,95,475.00 Rs

Quality Manager

If you are very much into maintaining and investigating the quality of the newly launched medical product then this job is right for you. You will be dealing with safety procedural maintenance. On an average, you will earn about 58,65, 376 Rs.

Laboratory Analyst

A laboratory analyst is responsible for testing the chemical or physical makeup of new products and samples to ensure they are accurate. If the product isn’t correct, they must evaluate the sample to determine what errors were made. It’s a role that also requires a strict knowledge of federal compliance regulations and standards. On an average, you will earn about 80,000 Rs per year.

Types of jobs in the Pharmaceutical Industry:

Here is the list of best pharmaceutical jobs in Pune :

There are lots of Best Pharmaceutical Companies in Mumbai and In Pune which offers the following kinds of jobs:

1) Pharmacists

One of the best jobs in demand is Pharmacists. This profession requires someone who has good knowledge of drugs and guides the patients and physicians. They get jobs easily in drug stores and hospitals.

2) Pharmaceutical Researchers

This industry relies on research and development. A good amount of research and clinical testing is needed for a drug to be manufactured, released and approved. Candidates with a background in medicine, chemistry, technology, and research can be a part of this field.

3) Data Managers

As a data manager, you need to provide data for an inquisitive search and such data must be managed and obtained from a detailed study.

4) Quality Control Personnel

In this profile, you need to certify the quality of the manufactured products depending on their performance. Such products actually meet up with the needed protocols before they are unveiled into the market. The government agencies and the producers themselves set up the procedures of quality control.

5) Manufacturing Positions

Such professionals actually deal with the production of medicines and other pharmaceutical products. There are lots of positions in this field like processing officer who actually looks after raw material supply, the processing officer observes the manufacturing process. Finally, such products are packed and stacked to the finished products by the concerned authorities.

6) Distributors

These people are not involved in the manufacturing process but then they deal with the transport of finished products. Drivers and delivery personnel are mostly a part of this field.

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