A List of Best Bioinformatics Jobs in Pune, Mumbai|Top Companies

A List of Best Bioinformatics Jobs in Pune and Mumbai

CRB Tech Provides a list of best Bioinformatics jobs in Pune, Mumbai and all over India in 2019 along with a top companies list.


Mathematics, computer science, statistics, and engineering combine together to form a field called Computational biology or Bioinformatics for understanding biological information. It is a computer technology application for managing biological data. An important portion of biology is bioinformatics. There are lots of Top Bioinformatics Jobs in Mumbai and Pune.

Scope of Bioinformatics in 2019

There is a very huge scope in this field today. If you want to understand the inter-relationship between human organs and medical science then this field is the right choice for you. Because of increase in the need of medical science, the present and the future scope of Bio-informatics is very much increasing. It offers excellent salary packages in India and abroad.

Bioindirmatics Courses & Duration

There are lots of colleges or institutions which is offering bachelor, master and doctoral courses in Bioinformatics. Let us see the list of courses over here:

Bachelor Degree Courses:

This bachelor’s degree course is for 3 years.

  • BE in Bioinformatics

  • B.Sc in Bioinformatics

  • B.Tech in Bioinformatics

  • B.Sc (Hons.) in Bioinformatics

  • Certificate in Bioinformatics

  • Advanced Diploma in Bioinformatics

Master Degree Courses:

This is a 2 years course

  • M.Sc (Hons.) in Bioinformatics

  • ME in Bioinformatics

  • M.Sc in Bioinformatics

  • M.Tech in Bioinformatics

  • PG Diploma in Bioinformatics

  • MS in Bioinformatics

Doctor Courses:

This course is for 3 to 5 years

Ph.D. in Bioinformatics

Required skillset:

  • Very good problem-solving skills

  • Excellent Communication skills

  • Excellent Knowledge in computer, software, and technology.


  • Data Mining

  • Metabolic Computing

  • Data Storage & Retrieval, Database Structures, Annotation

  • Complex Systems Analysis/Genetic Circuits

  • Evolutionary Model Building & Phylogenetic Analysis

  • Nucleic Acid & Protein Sequence Analysis

  • Information content in DNA, RNA, protein sequence and structure

Top Institute of Bioinformatics Courses in Pune and India:

  • CRB Tech, Pune Camp

CRB Tech is one of the top bioinformatics training institute in pune who provides best certification courses in this field.

Best Bioinformatics Jobs and Career Info:

This field is a lucrative career option which has evolved with the implementation of information technology. There are various sectors that you can work after completing a degree in Bioinformatics like biomedical organizations, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, hospital, industry, and NGOs.

It is possible for you to work in private and government hospitals and as a teacher in private and public colleges.

You can also work in biomedical products manufacturing industry. In IT companies there are lots of vacancies as a Bio-informationists.

Types of Bioinformatics Job Profiles:

  • Database Programmer

  • Bioinformatics Software Developer

  • Proteomix

  • Research Scientist / Associate

  • Network Administrator / Analyst

  • Computational Biologist

  • Professor

  • Science Technician

  • Content Editor

  • Pharmacogenomics


As a fresher, you will earn about 2 to 3 lacs per years. With good skills, experience, and knowledge you will earn up to 6 to 7 lacs per year. In the government sector, you will earn up to 3 to 4 lacs per annum. In foreign countries, your salary package might be Rs 28 Lacs.

1. Accelrys Software Solution Pvt Ltd.

2. Apticraft Systems (P) Ltd.

3. Aptuit Informatics

4. Bigtec

5. Bijam Biosciences Private Limited

6. Bio Base Databases India Pvt Ltd.

7. BioImagene India Pvt. Ltd.

8. Bioinformatics Institute Of India – Noida

9. CLC bio India Pvt Ltd

10. CytoGenomics India (P) Ltd.

11. Genotypic Technology

12. Geneva Biosciences

13. Helix Info Systems

14. Jalaja Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,

15. Jubilant Biosys Ltd

CRB Tech Provides a list of best Bioinformatics jobs in Pune, Mumbai and all over India along with a list of top Bioinformatics companies in Pune.

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