Common Link Building Mistakes

Common Link Building Mistakes :

A list of Common Link Building mistakes that can prove to be costly.

Link Building can be termed to be amongst the most vital SEO activities. However, this definitely doesn’t imply that you should build links at any cost. Truly and figuratively as well. Link building can prove to be extremely costly as far as time and money are concerned. There are a number of link-building mistakes that you just cannot afford to commit. We will be identifying them over here, just for you.

Costly Link-Building Mistakes You Should Avoid:-

1. Verify if backlinks have a “nofollow” attribute:

Link exchanges are as yet one of the white hat approaches for building backlinks, however tragically, there are numerous deceitful webmasters, who will cheat you. One of the scams is the case when you pay someone for a backlink, it all of a sudden vanishes or has the “nofollow” attribute. That is the reason you should check now and again if the link is still present and on the off chance that it doesn’t have the “nofollow” attribute.

2. Staying away from the ALT text in case the image link happens to be the sole possibility:

Image links could be the worse option than text links, yet in the event that an image link is the sole possibility to get a backlink, don’t dismiss it. However, ensure that the ALT text of the image link possesses your keywords. This proves to be more than nothing.

3. Earning good quality links, but with anchor texts that are of no use:

It happens to be incredible when the PR of the site you are getting links from is high, however, when the anchor text is “Click here!” or similar, such kind of a link can barely be useful. Keywords present in the anchor text are important, so if the backlink doesn’t include them, it cannot prove to be a valuable one. Verifying the anchor text of links takes time, however, the Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer tool can carry out this difficult job for you.

4. Backlinks coming from irrelevant websites:

Now, this link-building-related mistake is an extremely prevalent one! When searching for backlinks, one should focus only on the relevant sites. On the off chance that you have a dating site, links coming from a finance one cannot prove to be valuable. The fact is that it is difficult to discover relevant sites to get links from until your site falls under an extremely narrow niche, odds are that there are hundreds or even thousands of relevant websites from where you can get a backlink. In the event that you require a rundown of such websites for your niche, you can try out the Backlink Builder and check out what recommendations it can provide you with.

5. Having an image link (when there is a feasibility of a text link with a keyword):

At times when webmasters rush to get backlinks, they tend to oversee minor details, e.g. Anchor text. Truly, an image link is good to have and it could also result in more visitors than a text link (if the image is appealing, obviously and users click on it) However for SEO purposes, nothing can beat a keyword in the anchor text.

Avoid these common link-building mistakes, and you can get the expected results from this important SEO activity. Best of luck !!!