Java Applications

Java is a programming language which is used in lots of places in today’s world from android apps to commercial e-commerce website from financial applications to scientific tools, games, electronic trading devices and other desktop applications similar to IntelliJ, Eclipse, Netbeans from an open source library to J2ME apps.

Here are Some of the top java Applications :

1) Android Apps :

Java is used to write most of the android apps along with Google’s Android API which is the same like JDK. Android app developers also know about Java programming and this has been famous for the past two years. There are different packaging and JVM used by android but Java is used to write the code.

2) Financial Services Industry :

In most of the financial services, Java is widely used. Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Standard Charted are few of the banks which uses Java for composing the electronic trading system in front and back end. Server-side applications are developed by Java without any front end. Java Swing is quite famous for developing client GUIs which are thick for traders but currently C# is rapidly gaining market share on Swing and Space which is out of date.

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3) Java Web Applications :

Web application space and E-commerce has immense use of Java programming language. With the help of Spring MVC, Struts 2.0 there are various RESTfull services that are developer and have the same frameworks. There are lots of famous web applications like Servlet, Struts and JSP on lots of government projects. There are lots of insurance, government, medical, defense, education and other departments for having a web application built in Java.

4) Software Tools :

Powered by Java, there are lots of software and development tools that are useful eg: IntelliJ Idea, Eclipse, and Netbeans IDE. Desktop application are very much written in Java. Thick client has been written by Swing which is quite famous but it cannot replace C# and Swing which has replaced Swing in Financial domain.

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5) Trading Application :

There are lots of bigger financial services industry that are powered by Java which is none other than Third party trading application. Murex is a famous trading application which is used in various banks for connecting between front and back and it is written in Java.

6) J2ME Apps :

The J2ME scope is outdated after the use of iOS but there are few mobles which uses J2ME like Samsung and Nokia handset. MIDP and CLDC are a part of J2ME platform which helps in writing for games and applications that is present in Android. Set-top boxes, Blu-ray, Cards are few products which are found in J2ME.

7) Embedded Space :

The embedded space also uses Java Technology and the platform is quite as only 130KB is needed for using the Java technology. For the purpose of embedded services, Java was first designed.

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8) Big Data technologies :

In some way or the other Java technology is used in Hadoop and other big data technologies. Eg: Accumulo, ElasticSearch, HBase. There are various technologies like MongoDB which is not dominated by Java but is written in C++.

9) High Frequency Trading Space :

The performance and efficiency of the Java platform has been enhanced with latest JITs and its performance level is equal to the C++ level. Writing high performance systems is the fame behind Java because it performs well but it performs less in comparison to its previous language. C+ is faster but does not ensure safety and portability.

10) Scientific Applications :

Scientific applications normally use Java currently and it is the same in natural language processing. Java is much safer , maintainable and portable when compared to C++.