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Among various popular programming languages, you can find the apt one is JavaScript and other languages include Python, Ruby etc. Such languages have already put their mark in building scalable web applications. Let us see the important developer skills everyone needs to know:

1) Brush up on JavaScript :

Currently, developers who have gained significant knowledge in JavaScript cannot go wrong as per the survey. The repetitively wanted skill is none other than the proficiency in JavaScript by recruiters and executives. There are employers who search for some top keywords and this impression is already present in most of the developers while a job interview preparation.

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2) Go big with data :

In the coming years, it is not possible for the big data projects to get better and it cannot be slowed down. There are lots of years, where big data has been around for and it is a trend which is still staying. There must be a deep knowledge of analytics products, machine learning tools that must be present with the developers and other solutions for transfer, store and combining large amounts of data.

3) The full stack is mastered :

Full-stack developers are sought by lots of top firms who swiftly move between lots of platforms and technologies. The implications of technical decisions are understood by these engineers from core layers of the software onto the presentation layer. The job is done quite effectively done with great assets and will avoid the startup from creating silos by following a classical hierarchical technical decision-making.

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4) Buy into DevOps :

The use of cloud computing continues for growing rapidly within the corporations as thought by the wayside tech gurus. The skills of devops are a clear stand-out which is often expressed by the dicta Engineers meant for writing an application with the same engineers who handle the application in production. The engineering silos are broken down by the requirement such that engineers get to know about their code working in production and are apt for stability and performance at the time of development phase.

5) Diversify :

When compared to a few years ago, the skills companies currently are quite varied where Java and C# are a part of the market but when you focus on companies after the last recession you are viewing lots of Python/Django, Ruby on Rails, Node.ks and the review of functional programming languages with Scala that is quite apt.

6) Use the source :

In particular for freelancers, the ability to point to your code on GitHub shows that your work has been put to good use and reviewed by your peers. Libraries which are meaningful are worked on along with open-source for exhibiting the instantaneous value, especially for potential employers by including the contribution to open source projects for assisting the collaboration credentials.

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7) Be agile and develop your teamwork skills :

Coders are involved in the Agile development with lots of skills in 2016. One must have the inquisitiveness and be aware of the agile and lean methodologies with the ability to split big projects into change adaptation and delivering the apt quality.

8) Get secure :

In the previous year, the companies that did not attain success are aware that what skills are actually best suited for them. For enhancing security, they are considering lots of proactive approaches which is not inside their IT department but among the board.

9) Go mobile :

For those who can give away their distributions on a wider scale, mobile developers are sought on a higher scale. A successful mobile development is not succeeded via a particular technology skill set but instead via business savvy.

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10) To the cloud :

The developers who are aware of the Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web services are known for their increase in demands. The biggest player till now is the cloud providers and therefore just focus on API Gateway, Container Service, and Lambda. When it comes to creating career opportunities it is not just the cloud. Apart from that, you need to understand a lot about the business that keeps moving forward with less requirement of tactical work which is increasingly the cause for that as per the experts.

Reference site: Javaworld

Author name: Paul Heltzel