If you are aware of these tools then it will be very much beneficial for you in your day to day job. Let us see the important tools every programmer must know:

1) SQL :

Standard Query Language is the full form of SQL and is used for database related works. The data from the table can be read, updated, and deleted with the help of using SQL. In the real world, as the database is omnipresent there must be a good understanding of SQL from the programmer point of view. It is not just limited to the basic commands like SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE but there are various complex queries with the use of aggregate functions, joins, subqueries and other advanced functionalities.

2) Word :

It is not that frequently used when compared to Microsoft Excel today but it is still the most important tool for software engineers and programmers. It is quite useful in creating user documents and software modeling as a developer eg: requirement analysis, software design etc. It is possible to create excellent documentation with wonderful formatting options.

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3) Linux Commands :

Most of the programmers use this tool and is widely used for Linux. At some point in life, being a developer you will end working on Linux. Therefore it is quite beneficial for you if you learn this programming language and it is possible for you to debug any error with your application that depends on Linux.

4) Text Editors :

Text Editor software is another important tool that must be in the resue of a developer or a programmer. Software developer handles lots of text processing job and it will be advantageous to you if you are aware of text editor. Most of the industry experts suggest you learn and know about Text Editor eg: NotePad++ or Sublime.

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5) SVN :

Another significant version of a control system is SVN much before Git. Currently most of the projects depend on Git but still, there are other projects which depend on SVN. Most of the programmers will get the advantage of learning SVN because of its open source functionality.

6) Powershell :

If you have the experience of working with Linux and suddenly you have shifted to Windows then you may feel the difference as there are no Linux Commands in Windows but Powershell makes the problem quite easier. It is developed by Microsoft to simplify configuration management and task automation. A command-line shell is present in the powerful shell that relies on the .NET framework and that is a scripting language which helps in automating the stuff and making a script similar to the ones you do in Linux.

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7) Excel :

For software developers and programmers, there is another important tool called as Microsoft Excel. Better avoid doing mistakes in spreadsheet application as there are lots of things more than Excel that you can consider. Because of its omnipresent behavior, it is very important to learn Microsoft Excel. There are lots of uses for Excel like automating and creating reports and recollecting the stuff, etc.

8) PowerPoint :

The important Microsoft tool other than Excel and Word is Powerpoint and this is the reason they are important for Software Engineers and IT professionals along with QA, BA, developer and project manager. The quite famous tool for creating presentations is none other than Microsoft PowerPoint and there are situations where there is a need to do presentations as a programmer like expressing your model to the managers, ideas to business and doing lots of knowledge sharing sessions among teams and this is the reason why you cannot avoid working on powerpoint.