A very useful skill to have is none other than programming in the current tech affiliate world. Apart from that, it would come along with some extra cash. Currently, it seems that most of them are composing codes for themselves. There is a steady rise in various self-taught programmers. Some are very well aware of the craft. While few of them are not aware of it and here are few reasons behind the inconsistencies:

A desire to know all at once

It is not possible to learn Java, C, JavaScript, and Python similarly. It is necessary to focus only on one for moving to the next. For various purposes, every programming language is quite ideal and in the first view, you will be interested in knowing all of them in a very fast way.

Just read and watch

You can find lots of programming tutorials on the internet either in a written or similar to a motion picture. This will not assist you unless you start practicing it. There is definitely a big difference between reading and writing code. It would be easy to read and understand the syntax but it is not the case with an editor and therefore it gets into your nerves. Therefore practical experience is always the best.

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Depending only on tutorials

Tutorials are assisting and no arguments are available but that does not stop you from trying another approach. Rather than trying to follow tutorials, one can choose the project one would actually be interested in. GitHub is regarded as the programmer’s best buddy. You can find open source projects all over the world. Just have a look at the actual programs for enhancing your skill and comprehending the code that makes them work and try to replicate the same. It will be jaw-dropping for you to learn and there are lots of fun in it.

No interaction

Social media is something one needs to consider and there are lots of online communities with full of traffic on the web.

One should really make use of social media and the many online communities flooding the web. Learning is not all about watching and listening. Sometimes, you have to talk also. Head out to communities like StackOverflow, Quora and maybe programming subreddits. Speak up your mind and ask questions. You will always find someone to respond your questions and communicate with the coding community and meet everyone with the same passion similar to you.

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Not completing enough

We all are aware of the famous saying: “ Practice makes man perfect”. We also know that to err is human and we forget things quickly and easily. It is necessary for the masters to keep updating themselves with good practice. Also with excellent practice, you become much excellent at debugging. You will get to know where did you go wrong in your code. You will get to know the errors.

No self-testing

You think you would be aware of but you actually are not aware of. Undertake few questionnaires and have a glance at few questions and reply them. It would appear quite familiar but you are actually not. After this, you can be sure of yourself. There is also a competitive programming about it.

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It’s up to you to check out the right learning approach for you for finding the simple way to learn just by reading but then practice is also equally important. Finally, the only thing that comes into consideration is grooming your skill and always make a note that learning is a never-ending process.