Tools That Make Java Development Easy!

We would like to introduce to you, a few effective tools that every Java developer should know. It would make their Java programming  job, pretty easy. A Java class in Pune can help you learn these and such other tools. So look for one now.

As promised, here are some tools used by a team of Java SDK for doing daily tasks


This is a tool that provides the below mentioned capabilities free of cost.

– Relaxed Java-resembling syntax:

It is Java syntax that comes with lesser rules. For instance semicolons, variable sorts, and access modifiers are all discretionary. The last has a colossal advantage for testing. Since access modifiers are not strict, your test can read and affirm inner state for the class being tested. For instance, let’s assume you have this class:

public class Foo {

private String bar = null;

public void setBar(String bar) { = bar;



In the event that you need to test that the setBar(String) method functions alright (implying that it legitimately changes the value of the private property called bar) you can just do as such by reading the value of that variable with Groovy. Java would not permit something to that effect (at any rate not without falling back on reflection).

– Power assertions:

This tool facilitates a powerful variation of assert otherwise called power assertion statement. Groovy’s power assert unmistakably indicates assessment results when the validation comes up short. Furthermore, it is more coherent than its Java counterpart.

– Mocking:

At the point when utilizing Java, dynamic mocking systems (like EasyMock, PowerMock and Mockito are exceptionally famous. Each one of those systems can be utilized effortlessly with Groovy. Yahoo!

2.Cargo Plugin:

Keeping in mind the end goal to have our Java SDK approved by the TCK we have to begin one of our Web Examples so those tests can be executed against it. Legitimately, we needed that validation to happen naturally on each build. Cargo Plugin is utilized precisely for that reason.

Cargo is a thin wrapper to control different sorts of application containers standardly. With Cargo, one could run our cases in various Servlet Containers (like Jetty and Tomcat) easily. Just arranged the Cargo Maven2 Plugin in the pom records to begin a Servlet Container (Tomcat 7) and convey the as of late fabricated War file amid the Integration Testing phase. You can see the working design in the Servlet Plugin example

3. Github:

Github not just gives free hosting to the Git project, it has likewise the significant advantage of opening the source code up for the world to view it. This urges individuals to attempt it, speak, and take an interest, which eventually enhances the nature of everybody’s projects and develop all our technical learning.

Github additionally permits us to monitor our issues. Clients can then submit feature requests and report bugs. They can likewise get notifications about advance that we make

4. JWT Inspector:

In the Java SDK we utilize JWTs intensely to transport data stuck in a secure and trouble free way. Whenever testing and investigating we have to examine the content of the JWTs that we get in the browser. Those tokens can be either in the URL, in a cookie, or in local storage. JWT Inspector is a browser augmentation we worked to help us decode and examine JSON Web Tokens specifically from the console or in the implicit UI. You don’t have to follow those tokens in your application. You basically press the extension button and JWT Inspector will naturally demonstrate all the data you require. You can then duplicate whatever claim of the extended token you require


Postman makes composing REST API requests easy. It additionally gives numerous important features like sparing and re-utilizing requests, creating code (java, python, curl, and so on.), and gathering requests to run them successively. Postman helps you construct complex commands because of its easy to use UI. You ought to simply complete a form. Can it get better than this?

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