Programming Languages

Depending on the fame of the programming languages, if the programming languages are arranged into tiers then it can be classified into three tiers. The mainstream languages are included in the top tier of JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, C#, C++, and Objective-C.

There are few top-tier languages which may be outdated and you will know that better, if you are aware of any of these languages then you would definitely get a good job.

Second-tier languages still have time to get into the first tier. Although they have proved their worth still there are companies who actually do not use them like the Go, Scala, Clojure, Swift, and Haskell.

There are few services of these languages that are used by few of the companies. Go and Swift have good capability to move to the higher tier within the next two years. The programming languages in the top tier are well secured and do not fall off easily and the ones in the second tier take time to move into the first tier.

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There are few new coming languages which are mentioned in this article and they are slowly gaining popularity. There are few languages that have been since years into the same tier and whereas few of them are just newly developed.

Let us see the five languages that fall into the new coming language that is in the third tier:

These five programming languages are the latest ones and they have a good fame with excellent chance of stepping into the second tier languages in the next two or three years. And after ten years they will definitely be in the top tier.

1) ELM :

In the JavaScript community there is a famous language called the Elm which is meant for functional programming that is actually increasing. Similar to TypeScript, Babel and Dart, Elm takes the source code of JavaScript and writes into a new language.

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2) Rust :

The C and C++ development will be replaced by the rust system programming language and that is why it is growing rapidly. It is developed by Mozilla. This has been entitled as the most adorable technology among the developers survey of 2016.

3) Kotlin :

This language has reached the production-ready version of 1.0 this year. This has been for about five years. It has not reached the status of Groovy, Clojure or Scala but has three famous and mature JVM languages and it has been isolated from other programming languages. It can also be used to build Android apps quite easily. It was developed at JetBrains. The main motto behind its creation was with developer productivity in mind.

4) Crystal :

C like performance is expected to occur in the Crystal programing language with good abstraction. The syntax of Crystal and Ruby is the same therefore it is targeted on the same community. The performance of the application can be taken to the next level with the help of Crystal because of its Ruby-based nature.

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5) Elixir :

Ruby ecosystem provides good motivation to the Elixir but it does not bring any benefits of C language but the main focus is on developing high availability, and low latency systems. Such performance boosts is achieved by Elixir which runs the application on the ErlangVm

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