Java Programming

Let us see 10 reasons which explain the best programming opportunities in terms of development, opportunities and community support.

1) Java is Simple to learn :

This is a surprising quality of Java for making it the best programming language. If there is a steep learning curve it will be very much tough for acquiring the productivity with short life with most of the job oriented project. The English is quite fluent in Java-like syntax with less magic characters eg: Generics angle brackets which makes it simple for reading Java program and learn it quickly.

2) Java is regarded as an Object Oriented Programming Language :

Java is quite famous for this reason as well. It is very simple to develop OOP application and it also assists to keep the modular system extensible and flexible. After having knowledge of key OOP concepts like Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance, and Polymorphism and along with this you can use Java.

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3) Rich API is present in Java :

Rich API is another reason for Java programming language’s awesome success which is quite significant with respect to Java installation. After initiating the Java programming for using the code Applets, in those days, offers great animation capability which surprises new programmer who actually uses coding in editor and Turbo C++.

For utilities, I/O, networking, database connection, XML parsing is offered by Java. Open source libraries cover the leftovers like Google Guava, Apache Commons, Gson, Jackson, Apache POI, etc.

4) Strong development tools eg: Netbeans, Eclipse :

For making Java as one of the most used programming languages there is a major role played by Netbeans and Eclipse. If coding is done with Notepad or DOS Editor, coding in IDE is a pleasure. Code completion is quite assisted by them and apart from that they also offer strong debugging capability which is important for real-world development.

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5) Great collection of Open Source libraries :

Java can be used everywhere with the help of Open Source libraries. Google, Apache and other companies have offered lots of great libraries which makes Java quite simpler, faster and cost-effective. There are lots of frameworks like Struts, Spring, Maven which makes sure that Java development keeps track of best practices of software craftsmanship for assisting and promoting the Java developers for getting their job done.

6) Wonderful Community Assistance :

The Java programming is the biggest platform and language which has a strong and thriving community. Irrespective of how good the language is if there is no assistance from the community it will not be successful.

Java is quite lucky as there are lots of active forums, StackOverflow, open source organizations and various Java user groups for assisting everything.

The beginners are assisted by the community apart from that even the advanced and the professional Java programmers are helped.

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7) Java is FREE :

Free things are always appreciated therefore if an organization wants to use the technology or if the programmers need to learn the programming language the most significant factor is the COST. Since Java is free from the initial state that is you don’t require to pay anything for developing Java application.

8) Amazing documentation support- Javadocs :

When Javadoc was seen at first, I was surprised. The documentation is quite great which explains lots of things about Java API. Without the requirement for Javadoc documentation, there will not be any fame in Java and it is one of the excellent piece of documentation which explains the reason behind the success of the programming language.

9) Platform Independence is present in Java :

Java got quite famous in the 1990s because of this reason. The concept of platform independence is the best and Java’s tagline Write Once Run Anywhere and there are lots of new development in Java.

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10) Java is Omnipresent :

It is a known fact that Java is omnipresent on the desktop on the mobile and on the cards and almost everywhere with the so-called Java programmers. There are lots of programming language professional which is less when compared to the Java programmer.

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