Java certification path

Java Certification Path:

The Java certification path that would help bring your dream of being a certified professional, into reality.

Last time, we saw details regarding the learning path for Java. We had also promised to explore the Java certification path for you. That’s exactly what we are going to do here.

So, here’s an answer to what path should you take, to be certified in Java.

1. Have knowledge about the Java certification options:

Above everything else, you should be aware on the most recent Java version. Java 9 happens to be the latest one.

The best thing would be to begin with the Java SE 9 certification that covers all the basic Java and OOPs concepts. The details of the certification are available on the Oracle website with topics and illustrations incorporated into the certification.

Some of the certifications are reliant on one another. For instance, to go or any advanced certification, you have to clear the fundamentals first. We recommend you to comprehend the importance of every certification well in advance before any final enrollment and look out for the exam topics in detail.

2. Learn all the things about the latest Java version:

Indeed, it sounds kind of difficult, however, you have to understand every concept well with respect to the latest version. Each new release comes with a few surprises and enhancements that are made open for the end-users and the developers. You must be certain that every one of the concepts are grasped well before you go for the certification. Java learning programs can serve the purpose.

3. Solve past year test papers:

On the off chance that you are serious about being certified, then attempt to solve past year’s test papers whatever number possible. This will set you up for the exam’s baseline and you would likewise become acquainted with the paper style as well.

4. Begin reading books:

This does not make a difference whether you are certain on the Java basics or not. There are a lot of tricky questions that can be aced with books only. There are numerous books present for certification to enhance your overall knowledge base and skills.

Some of the recommended names include the Java SE 8 programmer guide, OCA (Oracle Certified Associate) etc.

These books are very concise, simple yet adequate to set you up for the Java certification. You can purchase these books online, with discounts being generally offered.

In this manner, there is no compelling reason to visit numerous stores to purchase these books, instead you can order them at your home directly. Best of all, you will get a whole list of tricky questions in the book, with in-depth explanation and related examples as well.

5. Apply online:

If you have decided to show up for the certification exam, then you have to register and purchase vouchers for the Oracle Education system through the online mode. The voucher cost is approximately $250 and comes with a validity of 6 months from the purchase date. In the event that you are unable to clear your exam in the initial attempt, then you can reappear after 15 days.

With insights about the Java learning path and the Java certification path, you can now make use of it in your Java career endeavors. All the best !!!