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Hot Favourite SCADA Interview Questions & Answers 2023:

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List Of Top SCADA Interview Questions & Answers 2023:

1. Explain why companies use SCADA

SCADA serves to be a methodology that characterizes the protection and performance of the data for the plant or the communication center. It helps enhance employee productivity and enables the economy to conserve energy.

2. Elaborate on the benefits of SCADA over the rest of the protocols

SCADA permits users to come up with object-oriented graphs, they can provide trending graphs for data review in real-time. SCADA additionally deals with big data, which makes it possible for you to develop a database system that presents trends across a number of years. This permits the business speedy access to critical data that can be utilized for future development and upgrades.

3. What are some of the different levels of SCADA systems and machines?

SCADA machines come in various different forms. One can have field-level devices, e.g. sensors. You can possess remote terminal units (RTUs), a primary controller or “master station,” or you can have a basic computer system interface that presents data for the user.

4. What do you mean by a DDE?

DDE happens to be the acronym for dynamic data exchange. With the help of the DDE-offered communication protocol, devices happen to send and receive communication signals. This protocol is a Microsoft creation, so in case the shop is a Microsoft shop, you will most likely need to be aware of a few things regarding DDE and how gadgets communicate.

5. What do you understand by an HMI?

An HMI – Human Machine Interface is the framework that connects with a SCADA database that displays data for the sake of the user. The HMI enables the operator to review both indicative data and trending graphs.

6. In what manner does SCADA handle data?

SCADA systems collect data and transfer it to a central machine that processes the data. The SCADA software is utilized to deal with the data and display it to the user. SCADA additionally logs information regarding who runs reports and the data that is utilized.

7. Why would a company go for PLC over an RTU?

A programmable logic controller (PLC) is considerably less expensive and more adaptable with programming. PLCs have been supplanting RTUs on the grounds that they are additionally simpler to troubleshoot and possess more refined controls than RTUs.

8. Can you tell how SCADA takes care of the issues?

SCADA comes with an alert or alarm that interfaces with personnel to send them a warning when a particular system isn’t working appropriately.

9. What voltage does RTU make use of to operate with?

110V/240V is the voltage at which a remote terminal unit operates.

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