Highest Paying Jobs in Biotechnology in India in 2019

Highest Paying Jobs in Biotechnology in India in 2023

Let us see the list of highest-paying jobs in biotechnology in India in 2019 along with biotechnologist salaries, career options, companies & courses in India

In this blog, we have compiled the top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Biotechnology in India that will be in demand over the next decade.

About Biotechnology in India :

The unfolding international biologics opportunity attracts talent with complete technical skill sets showing that there is an excellent demand for the Biotech industry in India. There are excellent innovations in this field and is on a very good trajectory. This sector with very good growth potential will resume playing a very important role in contributing to the growth of the Indian economy. This is exactly related to the health of the agricultural sector of India. There are top 12 biotech destinations in the world in India and is the largest producer of recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine. Among the 10 biotech companies in India, 6 of them focus their expertise on biopharmaceuticals and four specialize in agri-biotech.

Best Companies that offer the Highest Paying Jobs in Biotechnology

Let us see the list of top biotech companies in India which has the highest-paying jobs in biotechnology. You can find the most popular companies in India for recruiting Biotechnology engineers:


2.Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories.


4.Aurigene Discovery Technologies Limited.

5.Aventis Pharmaceuticals.

6.Avesthagen Technologies Pvt Ltd.

7.Bharath Biotechnology.

8.Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Biotechnology jobs in India can be found in the below sector:

Let us see a few of the biotechnology sectors where you actually need to target such highest paying jobs in the biotechnology field:

1.Drug and pharmaceutical research.

2.Public funded laboratories.


4.Environment control.

5.Waste management.


7.Food processing.

8.Bio-processing industries.

Biotechnologist Job Salary in India :

An average salary of Rs 5,75,329 per year is earned by a biotechnology research scientist. There are lots of people who actually switch to other fields after 10 years of experience.

Top 5 High-Paying Biotechnology Career Options in India

  • Pursue higher studies in Biotech and Life Sciences

If you wish to pursue higher studies and become a noble person then you need to clear the CSIR NET/GATE Exam and plunge yourself into lots of opportunities in accordance with Biotech like a Master’s or Doctorate degree in this field. You can pursue an MS Degree in leading institutes in India or abroad by clearing the GATE exam or CSIR NET.

  • Study Ph.D. in Biotech in India or Abroad

There is a steady growth in the scope of Biotechnology in India. There are lots of career options for you after completing the doctorate in Biotech in India. After clearing a few entrance exams you can take up a doctorate degree in India at the best institutions.

  • Get a job in Research and Development (R&D)

Before moving towards postgraduate studies you can apply for Research and Development jobs in India. It is one of the ideal career options for Biotech students in India who need moral support to fetch a job or pursue an MS or Ph.D.

  • Teach in your favorite Organization/university

You can also become a professor if your teaching job inspires you. You can enjoy job security, good vacations, and low pressures at work. As a fresher, you may earn less but with years of experience, you can get promotions.

  • Fetch a job in Intellectual Property Research and Patenting

There are only a few people in Biotech who are aware of this domain. You might have had this subject called patents and intellectual property rights during your college days.

  • Apply in the government sector

  • Apply for a job in the private sector

  • Become an entrepreneur

  • Work as Laboratory Technician/Assistant

Highest Paying Jobs in Biotechnology in India-Best career options for those with biotech degrees

Some careers are more desirable than others depending on the pay scale, career prospects, and reputation. These positions include such career paths as

Genetic Counsellor: Genetic Counsellors are in charge of evaluating a person’s and their family’s medical history to identify potential genetic illnesses and birth defects. They are well compensated since they play a vital role in the healthcare industry and are employed in it.

Biochemist: Biochemists research various forms of life. In this research, they seek to comprehend the chemical makeup and operations of living things.

Microbiologist: As the name implies, microbiologists investigate various microorganisms, their ecosystems, and the impacts they have on both the natural world and people. Additionally, since many diseases are brought on by those organisms, microbiologists also research them. The Covid-19 pandemic is the most recent instance of this in our society.

Scientist in Process Development: Process Development Most scientists work for large corporations. They evaluate current development and manufacturing processes, find issues with them, and build new processes, among other tasks and duties.

Medical writers: They gather information about any research, experiment, or subject to create documents that vividly describe the findings of the research and how the goods should be used.

Medical Scientist: Candidates who have finished their degrees from the top B.Sc. or M.Sc. Biotech Colleges are focusing on finding treatments for human ailments and are known as medical scientists. They do in-depth research to determine the underlying causes of certain illnesses, making them an essential component of the healthcare system.

Environmentalist: Environmentalists use a variety of scientific techniques to gather, examine, and evaluate data in order to identify environmental problems and, ultimately, provide solutions.

Epidemiologists: Once more, epidemiologists are specialists who identify the origins of illnesses and parasites that spread disease. They are distinct from microbiologists in that they play more than only the duty of disease detection. In addition to reporting the potential spread of the disease, epidemiologists must participate actively in the creation of policy.

Zoologists: The study of animal species is mostly what zoologists do. They are the ones who carry out numerous tests and conduct research in order to better comprehend these living forms and discover strategies for improving their conditions.

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