Best Java Frameworks Of 2017

The Best Java Frameworks Of 2017:

Most of the Java web developers have several Java Web Frameworks available for them. Here you can see the best and the latest Java Web Frameworks for 2017. What do you understand by web application framework?

A web framework or web application framework (WAF) is a software framework which is significant for the development of various web applications like web resources, web APIs, and web services. During the process of web development the daily activities can be alleviated by web framework.

Spring MVC (Model View Controller)

As a layered J2EE/ Java framework, Spring MVC is a combination of specially applied sciences. For a broad range of perception it is quite appropriate. Lots of new innovations and changes were welcomed by Spring MVC especially after its design and expansion. For the purpose of configuration and development of web applications it offers a useful toolkit for development. There are lots of security projects that you can use it for. Among other programmers spring is very much famous for its well developed ecosystem. There are lots of add-ons like SOAP services, REST APIs, and security authentication.

JSF -(JavaServer Faces)

Java’s net utility framework, JSF also has Oracle support. Although it might not be the best framework for Java development, it has easier ways of using because of Oracle supplied documentation. There is no extra dependency on JSF if you need EE environment in Java. A wonderful magic wand is none other than tools and rich libraries and that may back you up to the application’s complexity. Server pages of Java is used by JSF and it can back up various technologies of Facelets and XUL.


Best Java Web Frameworks for 2017 are made by Struts and it is a framework to develop the web application base. For co-operating to solve the problems of a unique type this framework is used and it is a set of interfaces and classes. MVC pattern is the basis of this function. A new framework for numerous Java applications and is equipped by Struts 2. The main reason behind it is the combined effort from various communities support. It can also create dynamic responses.


Of course Hibernate ORM cant be ignored while talking about the best Java web frameworks. An important object-relation mapping device for programming language in Java. For a domain model (object-oriented), it provides a mapping framework to one relational database. The object relational impedance can be solved by Hibernate by replacing persistent and direct database.