Interview Tips To Get Pharma Jobs In Pune For Freshers

Tips To Get Pharma Jobs In Pune For Freshers

Do you feel nervous or scared before an interview of Pharma/Clinical Research?? The answer will be YES. Then Here are given some powerful interview tips to get pharma jobs in pune for freshers.

To feel scared or nervous before an interview is a general trait. About 99% pharma and clinical job seekers face that. Much of the student gets panicky when they see the chances of “failure” in an interview process.

Let us share a fact, in which studies show that most of the interviewers were never trained before conducting interviews. Even managers feel likewise, the job seekers do. They feel anxious, get confused, and stressed while conducting a job interview. Keep reading this blog, to know how to calm yourself and emerge successful in the interviews.

The rules of interviewing:

Be yourself and sell your skills. Successful interviewing demands successful selling of your skill.

Always know that employers are interested in what you can contribute to the company in terms of:

Making Money

Saving Money

Saving Time

What you must do and understand before attending an interview

Do little research about the company or CRO?

Find out the main areas they are working.

Know if your skills match with the company’s area of work.


Punctuality and discipline are the most important factors which decide a candidate’s fate. Make sure you reach the interview place about 20 minutes before the interview.

The first impression is the only impression

The first impression always lasts and it is same for an interview as well. No matter how anxious you are, wear a smile.


Make a firm handshake with the interviewer by using your whole hand. Too lose handshake says that you not confident and not fully committed. A very strong handshake tells that you might be dominative and too much competitive. Neither of them will be liked by an interviewer.

Wear a positive attitude

After entering the interview room, wait for a few second before the interviewer offers you a seat. If the interviewer doesn’t offer, then ask him politely if you might sit down. Never put anything on the interviewer’s desk.

Interview questions

Every interview questions are not same. Some needs very specific answers. There are then more difficult questions where you need a special kind of strategy so that you can answer well.

Here we share the 4 types of questions and a particular plan needed to face them:

Straightforward questions

Tell about yourself.

Tell some of your strengths?

What accomplishments are you proud of?

What kinds of your skills would benefit this company?

Why should we hire you?

Questions behind questions

What do you know about the company?

What do you think you’ll be doing 5 years down the lane?

Why did you leave your previous job?

Stressful questions

What is your greatest failure?

What is your weakness?

Questions you ask the employer

What would be an ideal candidate for this job?

What would be some of the duties?

Ask about the company’s new products, or to be launched services.

Here we share a general way to address interview questions:

General Interview tips

Pre-Interview Planning



Pre-interview planning

Learn enough about the organization so that you can comfortably discuss with them. You will feel more confident and able to ask some relevant questions. This would make you appear motivated and intelligent.

Research the company well. This is essential but, often neglected.


Relax and take a deep breath, and think about all of your skills, achievements, and abilities. Points to remember during and post interview

Be honest.

Try to quantify your achievements with numbers and percentages

Think related to increasing productivity, lowering costs, and increasing profits for the company.

Appear confident and alert

Be enthusiastic.

First impressions counts, be professional.

Go well-groomed.

Sit comfortably and without reclining.

Ask questions for clarity of certain aspects of the job, ask. Interviewers do not appreciate, if interviewees have no questions.

Do not ask about paid holidays and vacations.

Carry extra resumes and references with you.

Do not smoke, eat candy or chew gum.

Do not wear fancy jewellery or cologne.

Be polite.

When asked general questions, answer with your professional abilities and experiences.

Employers are more interested in what way you can contribute to the organization, not what you can get from it.

Never, be critical or say negative about former employers.

Non-verbal communication is important! Note some tips:

Good posture

Don’t wear sunglasses

Don’t cover your mouth while speaking

Use direct eye contact

A firm handshake before and post interview

Speak in a firm, confident, and not much louder voice

Smile, when necessary.


Give specific answers to every question. Don’t remain vague.

After the interview, find out when and how you would be notified.

Thank the interviewers for their consideration.

If you are really interested in the job, tell the interviewer before you leave.

Send a thank-you note, within a day.

Never be discouraged if you don’t get the job. That could be a learning experience.

Follow up

You can send a email or make a call to enquire about your chances to get the job.

With this, we conclude. Hope you liked the above-mentioned tips and information and this piece of information is of help for you. With the rise of clinical research, there is also much rise in the pharma jobs in Pune.

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