Best Catia V5 training institutes in Pune.

Best Catia V5 Training Institutes in Pune:

About CATIA software and the factors that would contribute in making CRBtech is the best Catia V5 training institutes in Pune. 

Why is the CATIA V5 software popular in the world of Electrical design? Can you consider a career in it? Will it be beneficial to join a CATIA V5 course in Pune? We will try to find answers to questions like these and related ones. Also, we will take an overview of what CRBtech provides in its Electrical Design Engineering training program.

What is CATIA?

CATIA is popular as the most widely utilized CAD (Computer Aided Design) unique software that is currently available. CATIA is a product of Dassault Systems from France and till 2010, IBM used to market it across the globe.

CATIA stands for Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application.

Interested Electrical designers can gain an in-depth knowledge of CATIA V5, with the help of Catia V5 training courses in Pune.

Where is CATIA used?

CATIA is a widely used software throughout the globe. Across all the continents. Companies which happen to be involved in the design and/or manufacture of products of any kind, CATIA is found to be used.

Who uses CATIA?

CATIA assumes a noteworthy part in the design process. Architects are known to use CATIA. The famous Spain based Guggenheim Museum , thought to be an architectural masterpiece, is the result of CATIA.

CATIA has proved to be significant in NASA’s design of the Space Shuttle. The military – in collaboration with the private sector – makes use of CATIA for designing the “jet-fighter”, helicopter, aircraft and other kinds of weaponry.

CATIA finds its use in an assortment of industries everywhere. A portion of these industries incorporate; Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Furniture, Shipbuilding and the list goes on.

Product and tooling design is done using CATIA. There are countless organizations the world over using CATIA. For each company that makes use of CATIA for product designing, there are many suppliers to those organizations, that additionally utilize CATIA.

With such a wide use of CATIA, you would be loosing out on something important, if you are in the Electrical field, and do not know CATIA. So, look for and join programs like CATIA V5 Electrical

Harness training in Pune, right away!

What job opportunities are there?

With an ever increasing number of companies taking to CATIA as their primary CAD framework, there is bound to be a shortage of sufficient designers (having the knowledge of CATIA) to fill the rising demand. There lies your best chance!

By joining CATIA V5 classes in Pune and undergoing training, you can definitely get a job in this field.

Join CRBtech for Electrical Design training:

Which are the factors that will attract you to join CRBtech for obtaining training in Electrical Design?

Let’s check out….

Syllabus and training:

Since we are talking about CATIA 5, the thing to consider over here is that the syllabus covers CATIA V5 Electrical Harness design.

Along with it, additional tools/topics covered are Electrical CAD, PLC, basic Electrical, Electronic and Instrumentation Engineering etc.

The major focus is on providing industry oriented training. At CRBtech, Electrical design and software related skills are cultivated inside the candidates, taking into consideration what is required by the industry. Owing to this, it becomes an easy shift for the candidates to adapt to the real time work they do at their jobs. Practical application of the knowledge becomes easier. The main objective is to have them job ready.


CRBtech is said to have placed nearly 400+ of their candidates! That too in renowned companies such as Quick Heal, Capgemini, Mindgate, Vyomlabs etc. across various domains.

Association with a number of placement clients, enables CRB to offer their students with unlimited job opportunities. The association number is big with more than 500 clients.

100% job guarantee !!!

CRBtech believes in following high standards in the training and placement forte. Such that they provide a 100% job guarantee to each of their trainees on a legal stamp paper.

Factors like training and placement seem like the ones that would work in CRB’s favour and take it to the list of CATIA V5 training institutes in Pune.