It seems that .NET Core is picking up steam fast, and there is expected huge demand for .NET Core and C# developers in the coming year.


According to TIOBE programming index, C# is one of the top 5 programming languages.

6 Things You Should Know About C# and .NET Core

1. Features Of Modern Languages

.NET has changed and improved in a span of 15 years. With .NET Core, even more, things are changed, including the entire ASP.NET stack being completely overhauled. The C# programming language was around for about 15 years and continues to improve over time.

Some top attributes:

Well typed

Huge base class libraries

Asynchronous programming

Garbage collection, auto memory management



Share binaries over several platforms and frameworks

Easy to use frameworks to design MVC web apps and RESTful APIs

2. Easy to Learn

If you have done C, Java, or even javascript, the syntax of C# will look familiar to you. The syntax is simple and readable.

There are also many online resources to help you learn C#. Most of them are free and there are a few with low cost.

3. Versatility

The best thing about C# and .NET is that it is versatile. You can program desktop apps, background services, web applications, and also mobile apps owing to Xamarin. Besides C#, you have to know little JavaScript to hack the UI code together.

4. .NET Core is Open Source

One of the biggest changes to occur in .NET history is the open sourcing of the code. All the codes could be found on GitHub for anyone to review and contribute. A big change that most people in the IT industry never thought could happen.

You might not have contributes to the source code, but you can benefit from the huge community there. Problems and solutions are fast discussed, coded, and released on a regular basis.

5. Awesome Developer Tools

Visual Studio is regarded as one of the best IDEs for developers. Being a good code editor and supports features like debugging, code completion, profiling, unit testing, and lots more. VS currently offers a full-featured free Community edition.

There is also the possibility of writing code for .NET Core as basic text files with your favorite text editor. You can use VS Code on any OS as a great basic code editor.

The whole .NET ecosystem is filled with amazing developer tools.

6. Standardise The Skills

.NET has a good set of base class libraries. The wide array of base classes widely lessens the need for external packages.

Microsoft gives a very good set of patterns and practices for.NET. Most developers make use of standard frameworks, which makes it easy as a developer to move between teams and also understand how things work.


It is great to see what Microsoft, and the community, has done with .NET Core and how it has become the cool new thing.

The problem with several programming languages is that they are good at one use case. Ruby and PHP are good for web applications. Swift or Objective C works for creating iOS or MacOS applications. To write a background service there is python, java, or other languages. Besides C#, JavaScript and Java are the only languages which can be applied to a wide set of use cases.

An amazing thing about C# is the wide versatility which can be used for a wide variety of types of applications. And with .NET Core that works on MacOS and Linux, there is no limit to what you can do.

With this, we conclude. Keep coding!

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