Are you a beginner developer or someone who’s keen to learn programming languages? To mention, C# is great for learning. Unlike C++, for example, C# provides automatic memory management, and it also offers solid Type Safety in comparison to JavaScript and node.js. C# has huge libraries of base class; the .NET framework has several hundreds of libraries to work with the file system, manage security, and much more.

12 Online C# Tutorials For 2018

With the release of .NET Core, it appears that C# and .NET Core would be in a huge demand in 2018.

Whether you are learning C# for the first time or enhancing your C# expertise, here we share with you 12 best tutorials for both the beginners and experienced programmers to enrich their knowledge.

12 of the Best C# Tutorials


Their topics include core language elements like data types, variables, and constants. There are 5 challenge videos which let you test yourself, along with another 5 videos with explained answers.

Key Topics:

To work with loops

To builds functions

To catch errors

To manage resources with t garbage collector

2. C# Station

They have a set of lessons for a beginner to intermediate-level developers.

Key Topics:

Expressions, Types, and Variables


Overview of Classes

Indexers and Attributes

To work with Nullable types

3. Tutorials Teacher

This site features free online tutorials on web technology for the beginners and professionals alike. In addition to C#, they teach ASP.NET MVC, LINQ, jQuery, AngularJS, JavaScript, or Node.js.

Key Topics:

Data types, classes, and variables

Switches and loops

Strings and arrays

Stream I/O

4. Deccansoft

Every concept is explained in details using different walkthroughs and practical methods. It is recommended to have a practical knowledge of any one programming language before you go for this course.

Key Topics:

.NET Framework

Common Language Runtime concepts

To build a standard GUI for Windows-based applications with the use of WinForms.

5. edX

This tutorial originates from edX, an online educational services provider which offers some courses to top universities and colleges. This is not a starter’s course and needs you to have a prior understanding of the programming language.

Key Topics:

C# syntax

Fundamentals of C# language

Object-oriented programming

Overview of .NET Framework

6. Udemy

This happens to be one of the largest online educational platforms with thousands of courses. There are many video tutorials on C# programming, but the best ones aren’t free and charge a reasonable fee.

Key Topics:

Loops, arrays, and structures

Coding beginner projects

To make the right approach


A free online tutorial for C#; the website is dedicated exclusively to teaching C#.

Key Topics:

Variables and types

Strings, and loops


Classes and class properties

8. Microsoft Virtual Academy

This C# tutorial offers 24 practical and easy episodes. Besides the fundamentals of C#, this course also covers the tools, tips to write code, debug features, explore customizations, and much more.

Key Topics:

To create and understand C# program

Understand Data types and Variables

Understand Arrays

Work with Strings

Learn to work with Date and Time data

9. Abbot – C# Tutorial

They have tutorials which cover the basics like loops, strings, and arrays and then offers more complicated stuff like delegates, namespaces, and collections.

Key Topics:

Data types

Lexical structure


Flow control




10. Channel 9

With their “Jump Start” program they provide every topic with examples.

Key Topics:

Introduction to oriented programming

Basics of a managed language

Why C# is best for OOP

C# Syntax

11. SoloLearn

Their tutorials are fun and teach C# concepts through short interactive texts, games, and quizzes. The instructors offer a hands-on approach and that is the best way to learn codes and practicing them.

Key topics:

Basic concepts like variables, printing, and arithmetic operators

Loops and methods

Arrays and strings

Inheritance, polymorphism, and generics

12. Microsoft – Getting started with C#

This is a nice little tutorial from Microsoft and is unique and tailored. You can select your degree of difficulty before you begin with selecting if you are a beginner or experienced.

Key Topics:

Write your first hello world program

Strings, loops, dates, and times

Arrays, collections, and calling methods


Test your code and troubleshooting

Besides the above mentions, there are some other websites offering C# courses online like Coursera – Beginning Game Programming with C#, 26. Certification Guru – C# .NET Programming, Complete C# Tutorial just to name a few.

Once you’ve become an expert at C#, you can need to check out other resources with an advanced tutorial.

With this, we conclude.

Keep coding!

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