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Let us see lots of common uses for the cloud and the Google Cloud Platform components required for them. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is launched in the year 2011 and it must do something with respect to market leader catch up Amazon Web Services (AWS) and it is the aptest competitor as a clear cloud play.

Instead of AWS clone, a specific services outfit with GCP has become the offering of massive-scale services along with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Pricing is reduced by GCP’s advantages currently via a usage discount which is sustained by faster network linked with the datacenters, massive scale and availability zones with lots of redundant backups for completely available storage.

There are three main services of GCP: Google Compute Engine, Google App Engine, and Google Kubernetes Engine:

App Engine is considered a platform as a service (PaaS) platform which assists in deploying your code and the platform is allowed to do most of the stuff for you. There are lots of instances created by App Engine automatically and it handles the enhanced volume for a high-use app.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform is none other than Compute Engine which offers virtual machines which are customizable in a higher way with the choice for deploying the code directly or through containers.

Completely managed Kubernets clusters are deployed, orchestrated and managed at scale by the containers.

  • GCP Services for Software Development, DevOps, and Testing

The key use cases for Google Cloud Platform are application development and deployment. It initiates with Google App Engine (GAE), a platform that is handled by all platforms integrations that the developers require their code.

Java, Ruby, Node.js, GO, Python and PHP are assisted by GAE. There are lots of famous DevOps tools like Puppet, Chef, Salt, Ansible, Consul, and Swarm are completely integrated with GCP and the developments for both of them are enabled with scenarios on-premises.

Docker container engine can also be used similarly to a sizable investment in Docker code which is ready. The people who select Docker over Kubernetes is the Google Container Builder (GCB).

  • GCP Services for Analytics

At web-scale analytics and machine, intelligence has been core to Cloud Platform’s mission to be selected since the beginning. BigQuery helps in initiating the Big Data efforts with a data warehouse that is apt for using the 10 GB storage and 1 TB analyzed per month. There are Google Sheets, Google Apps Script or any language for using its REST API or client libraries.

For building data pipelines, cloud data flow is used either with actual time (streaming) or historical (batch) data processing apart from ETL processing. Strong cloud data flow is handled by multi-petabyte data sets and has importantly replaced MapReduce inside for Google. It does not assist MapReduce, therefore, it pushes itself towards the users to shift towards Cloud Dataflow and offers assistance with the process.

  • GCP Services For Machine Learning and AI

For machine learning services, Google Cloud AI is the basis with pre-trained models along with managed services for lots of advanced developers and customers for building their own models via the Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine. With other Google Cloud Data platform products, the Machine Learning Engine is combined similar to Google Cloud Dataflow, Google Cloud Storage and Google Cloud Datalab for training models.

Apart from that Google actually declared Cloud AutoML with lots of services for assisting the customers with restricted machine learning experience for training their self-custom models.

Dialog flow is provided by Google for end-to-end interactive application development which is used in mobile applications, websites, platforms and internet of things devices. For building chatbots and other devices, the developers are very much permitted of natural language conversation with consumers.

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