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There are lots of database platforms that come and go, in the past 30 years but there is no question about database technology to be an important component of various kinds of applications and computing tasks.

There is no much attraction for database certifications similar to cloud computing, storage or computer forensics. But the actual fact is that there is always a requirement for experienced database professionals at various stages with respect to many related job roles.

For getting a good grasp of the present database certifications it is useful to be around the ground for particular database-related job roles. As you get to read about lots of database certification programs, just keep these things in mind:

  • Database Administrator(DBA): It is meant for configuring, installing and maintaining a database management system (DBMS). It is often linked with a particular platform like Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and others.
  • Database Developer: Working along with proprietary APIS and works with generic building applications that contact the DBMSs.
  • Database Designer/Database Architect: Data requirements are researched for particular applications or users and designs database structures and application functions match.
  • Data Scientist or Data Analyst: Data is analyzed with the help of this from various disparate sources for identifying the past hidden insight, find the meaning behind the data and make business-particular recommendations.
  • Data Mining or Business Intelligence (BI) Specialist: It assists in analyzing, dissecting, reporting of significant data streams like customer data, supply chain data, transaction data, and histories.
  • Data Warehousing Specialist: The data can be assembled and analyzed which specializes from various operational systems to set up the data history, produce reports and forecasts and assistance of general ad-hoc queries.

These database job roles are offered with proper attention with two significant types fo technical issues for the future database professionals. At first, a good general background in relational database management systems having a proper knowledge of SQL is the basic prerequisite for various database professionals.

There are lots of database technology standardization techniques and among them, there is whiz-bang capability of the databases and database applications for providing from vendor-specific technologies, proprietaries. There are lots of knowledge and heavy-duty database skills that are linked to particular platforms like lots of Oracle products, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 and much more.

Not Only SQL is the other name for NoSQL database and at times non-relational can maintain lots of data types like semi-structured, structured, unstructured and polymorphic. In big data applications, NoSQL database is mostly used which is mostly linked with certifications for data scientists and business intelligence.

If you check out for the featured certifications in detail then you would consider their fame with employers. There is a continuous change on a daily basis but such numbers offer perspective on database certification demand.

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Author name: Ed Tittel and Kim Lindros