Biomedical Engineering: Scope, Jobs and Career Opportunities In India

Biomedical engineering scope:

Biomedical Engineering a unique field of science that brings together Engineering skills with the applications in the medical sector for its growth and development. It is a special branch of engineering which utilizes concepts of biology and medicine to make healthcare more useful.

Bioengineering includes mathematical modeling of the living organisms, designing and calculation of algorithms which helps to find out biological signals, bioinformatics, applications of micro-electromechanical systems, molecular engineering, nanotechnology and utilization of signal processing and control algorithms of artificial body parts.

  • A biomedical engineer has several roles to play. They work in the biomedical engineering sector and other centres like hospitals, healthcare organizations and academic places.

  • They design the systems which aid in patient monitoring during hospital care. They can also develop systems to supervise health care for any general patient.

  • They create the biosensors to measure sodium and pH in blood.

  • They design equipment for treatment, for instance, the device for an eye surgery.

  • They decide upon strategies for clinical research, based on data received via AI.

  • They design clinical labs and various units’ within hospitals and provide them with medical or treatment delivery systems making use of new engineering technologies.

  • They design, create and research about medical imaging systems based on X-rays, Electromagnetic Fields, ultrasound or more novel findings.

  • They create mathematical models for physiological systems.

  • They also do research on bio mechanism of injury and how to heal wounds.

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India is growing with its reputed and developing biomedical industry with many innovations in surgical tools, updated equipment in medical centres and spending a huge sum on the area of R&D.

As the sector is rising there are several opportunities for biomedical engineering jobs, here in India.