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Best Training Institute in CRC | Certification Program

CRB Tech is the best training institute in CRC in Pune which provides Clinical research coordinator course with 100% placement guarantee.

Roles and Responsibilities of Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) :

If you want to become a clinical research coordinator then you need to deal with clinical trials which must follow the protocols, ICH-GCP, and other regulatory requirements. In clinical trials, the role of the clinical coordinator is very much important. There are three stages of clinical trials.

1) Before the initialization of the clinical trial

2) During the pursuit of the clinical trial

3) After the end of the clinical trial

Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Salary :

Clinical Research Coordinator’s average pay is about 1,80,000 Rs per year. After working for 10 years in this field, people choose to get a lateral entry. You are bound to receive better payment with excellent skills in clinical research.

Job Description for Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) :

The daily activities of clinical research are monitored by clinical research coordinators. They need to check whether the study is viable and the budget is figured along with the help of principal investigators. The protocol of the research is also reviewed to make sure that the subjects are known with the protocol and assist conduct research.

In a lab setting, clinical research coordinator works with the lab staff and principal investigators. They need to get in touch with the research subjects for providing informed consent. Based on the studies being conducted the clinical research coordinator schedule varies.

Such professionals must have a master’s degree in their relevant and chosen field. They also require a certification from any reputed Clinical Research Association Professionals or the Clinical Research Associates Society.

Clinical Research Coordinator Work

  • Manage and work on clinical trial processes and ethics compliance.

  • Provide feedback about side effects and safety findings from drug trials or testing.

  • Compile, organize and submit institutional review board documentation.

  • Acquire and maintain the informed consent of research subjects or their guardians.

The significance of Training and Education

Regards to the eagerness and motto of nurses to plunge into this alternative profession is not an easy switch. The lack of education and training in this domain must not be a hurdle for the nurses. The difficulties would be overcome by undergoing proper training and education. By joining the top institutes in clinical research coordinator the duties and roles are well understood.

Best Clinical Research Training Institutes in Pune :

  • CRB Tech Solutions in Pune Camp

Best Clinical Research Training Institutes in Mumbai :

CRB Tech is the best clinical research training institute in pune which is near from mumbai. it gets only 2-3 hrs by road from mumbai to pune.

Why CRB Tech?

CRB Tech offers top clinical research coordinator programs, especially for the aspiring candidates. They have a training experience for the past 15 years. They have provided 100 % placement guarantee. Until now they have placed 9000 students by conducting 550 sessions.

CRB Tech is the best clinical research coordinator Training institute in Pune which provides top CRC certification training course with 100% placement guarantee.

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