Clinical Research Career And Job Opportunities In India

Clinical Research Career And Job Opportunities In India

In this article we shall be discussing the career prospects for Clinical Research Career in India. Clinical research is a booming industry for researchers in worldwide and is the same for India. Clinical sector sees tremendous growth and job opportunities not only for trained professionals, but also for management people.

Clinical trials are significant to market all novel drugs and devices to ensure that they are effective and safe for use. This scenario is creating several job opportunities in this fast-growing industry. Besides strict regulatory measures, India is growing as a center for clinical research which creates a constant demand for professionals in this area. Presently and in future as well, there will be high demand for professionals in this sector and hence making clinical research career an emerging choice which promises huge growth.

It is undeniably true that the clinical research industry is going to become the next big career option in India. Owing to India’s huge population, significant workforce and the cost-benefits have started to impact the major Pharma and CROs to arrange clinical research facilities in India.

With the rise of demands for efficient clinical research professionals, several institutes have started their clinical research training courses and programs.

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Here we look into various clinical research career options:

Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

With a bachelor or master degree in life science or any related field and with some clinical research experiences, you can apply for a clinical research associate position.

CRAs mainly monitor clinical research sites and make sure that all activities are taking place in accordance with the GCP and sponsor guidelines. Based on their performance and company policies, CRA might be promoted to a senior CRA and later to become a team lead and next to a manager.

Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs)

This is an entry-level job where the professionals work with or within the supervision of a Principal Investigator (PI) of the clinical research.

Roles and responsibilities of CRCs

  • They coordinate with Principal Investigators (PI), and other CR departments to help and ensure that every clinical research activities are conducted in accordance with regulatory authorities and sponsor policies.

  • Aids the PI in material development and of the resources essential to train professionals engaged in a clinical trial.

  • They maintain records related to the registered clinical trial participants and completion of essential site documents.

To become a clinical research coordinator one must have a bachelor’s degree in life sciences and have good knowledge about clinical research methods and the GCP-Guidelines.

Clinical Research Physician

Those who completed MBBS or MD are eligible to become clinical trial physicians. They need to develop and apply different plans for beginning the clinical trials of pharma products. They have to work with several professional teams on various aspects like pharma effect, regulatory specifications etc. of the test drug under study.

Regulatory Affairs Associate

With a good understanding of different regulatory authorities and their needs to do clinical trials and with an interest to work on core clinical trial operational processes this is the perfect job for you. They need to yield documents needed for performing clinical research to regulatory authorities and also are in a regular touch with the regulatory agencies to get a feedback and also resolve queries if there is any.


To apply for this position, one must have a bachelor or masters degree in biostatistics. Here we share some of the major job responsibilities as a biostatistician in the clinical research sector.

1) Give statistical input on clinical trials

2) Develop statistical analysis plans for clinical trials

3) Develop tables and other charts for data representation.

4) Interpret a final clinical research data

5) Prepare statistical reports on the clinical trial

Clinical Data Management

With an interest in data management and also for a complete desktop job, this will suit you. The professionals have to manage quality and reliable data from clinical studies.

Medical Science Liaison

Professionals here have to communicate with physicians and researcher for enhancing the acceptance along with appropriate usage of the company drugs or devices.

Hence from the above, it is clear, how clinical research industry has several wide options and career choices which will gradually generate more and more job opportunities.

We conclude now.

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