Clinical Research Associate Degree, Certification And Training In Pune

Clinical Research Associate Degree, Certification And Training In Pune

A Clinical Research Associate or a CRA works mainly to supervise a clinical trial, sometimes a CRA needs to look after several trials. They need a UG or graduate level certificates for the job. They work for an independent contractor or for a research organization.

CRAs have to meet with patients, practice FDA-approved methods, carry out research and makes sure that clinical trials adhere to the established regulations. UG and graduate certificate programs can be done in this field and these typically needs a commitment of an academic year. Voluntary certification can also be done through the Association of Clinical Research Professionals or the Society of Clinical Research Associates.

Benefits of CRA Training & Certification:

Sponsors, CROs, and other agencies carrying out clinical trials and other types of medical research are more and more looking for certified individuals who have done standard and validated clinical research associate training and certification so that they can be relied upon for the tasks given to them. The work of a CRA is crucial to the project success.

Companies or organizations which conduct clinical trials must follow some regulations and guidelines which define the quality of data yielded by clinical research sites, a manner in which data is collected and managed, and the protection of research subjects, to name a few.

The CRA Training & Certification Program leads to the award of CRS Certified Clinical Research Associate certification helps new or well trained CRAs to demonstrate their professional excellence with a validated training & certification process. This adds a great value to their background, education, work experience and tells about an adequate training in clinical research. CRA Certification also offers personal satisfaction and more recognition by peers, supervisors and the industry at large.


The applicants must have a combination of academic background which they either obtained online or at an institute and a good amount of work experience. If you don’t have a basic science background but a related qualification like a Master of Health Care Administration or any other healthcare related degree and worked in a totally different setting, you are yet eligible for this certification program and for employment later. Usually, the applicants must have done the below-mentioned degrees as there is no fixed clinical research associate degree offered by any institute, as of now.

  • Bachelor’s Degree (life science or medical science)

  • Master’s Degree (life science or medical science)

  • MBBS degree

  • Registered Nurse (RN) Degree

Clinical Research Certification

A CRA certificate program is focused towards CRCs and other professionals in the clinical research sector. Graduates CRAs might start working in a medical device, biotechnology or a pharma industry and not in hospitals or research institutions.

CRAs must have good writing and speaking skills to communicate well with doctors, trial participants and the other researchers. They also must have good computer skills, and to be well versed in a spreadsheet application.

Certificate of Completion in Clinical Trials Management

This certificate program is mainly offered through a university’s extension program for CRAs, CRCs, nurses, physicians, pharmacists or other professionals keen in the field of clinical research.

CRAs might enrol in this program without any other requirements. Courses in this certificate program are acceptable as continuous education credits for CRAs.

General coursework includes the following:

  • Clinical practices and designing of clinical trials

  • Development methodologies for drugs

  • Basics of clinical supervision

  • Clinical research statistics

  • Reporting adverse events

  • Development and designing medical devices

  • Popular Career Options

Graduates with a certificate program can become general practitioners in numerous clinical research type jobs. Career examples include:

  • Regulatory administrator

  • Clinical research coordinator

  • Project manager

Professional Certification

Certification for CRAs is offered by the Association of Clinical Research Professionals or Society of Clinical Research Associates. Once candidates are eligible and pass a written exam, applicants will be certified as CCRAs (certified clinical research associates) or CCRPs (certified clinical research professionals for SoCRA certification). Both are voluntary certifications.

Requirements for ACRP’s certification include a combination of a degree, completion of a clinical research program and work experience which is calculated in hours.

Similarly, applicants should meet SoCRA’s requirements for education and work experience before taking the examination. Applicants without formal training in clinical research would require two years of experience in the last 5 years to qualify. Applicants who have formal education need less work experience.

To conclude, students eager to become a CRA must have a UG or graduate level certificates. CRAs work in the medical field, biotechnology or pharma industries and get certified once they meet the above-mentioned requirements.

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