Clinical Data Management Course and Certification Programs

Clinical Data Management Course and Certification Programs

Clinical Data Management (CDM) is an essential phase in clinical research, which leads to production of reliable, high-quality and statistically pretty sound data from clinical researches. CDM assures collection, integration and availability of data at appropriate quality and expanse.

Clinical Data Management includes the conduct, management and analysis of studies across the spectrum of clinical trials. Pharmacovigilance (PV) is also known as Drug Safety, It is the approach of making an assessment, understanding, detection, and prevention of inappropriate effects or any other problems related to drugs . As such, PV mainly focuses on adverse drug reactions , which are defined as any reaction to a drug which is fatal and not intended, including lack of efficacy.

The main aim of the training is to make the candidates employable as Clinical Data Manager , CDM Specialist, Medical Advisor, Pharmacovigilance Expert/Scientist,CDM Data Analyst, Clinical Data Coordinator, etc in Pharmaceutical companies, Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and Support Staffs for Clinical Data Management services to various clients related with Clinical Research etc. The Program gives a solid introduction to CDM and PV domain for other potential players in the industry such as pharma scientists, medical practitioners etc. The program might be of of one month to maximum six months duration, depending on the institute of choice. The unique combination of solid theoretical and thorough practical training ensures the employability of the candidate immediately on completion of the Program. Current or an aspiring medical professionals keen in becoming clinical data managers or clinical research associates can enlist in a Clinical Data Management Certificate program.

A certificate program in clinical data management gives an understanding of how clinical trials of pharma and medical products are designed and employed. Prospective students should have a basic knowledge of natural and practical sciences.

Since Clinical data managers coordinate and supervise clinical trials that evaluate novel pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices; so courses in a program cover scientific, clinical, regulatory and project management topics related to medical research. They also complete fundamental training in communications and management . Some specific courses might include:

  • Drug safety

  • Clinical trial design

  • Monitoring clinical trials

  • Human subjects protection

A clinical data research associate or a clinical data manager can work for various organizations in pharma and health-care . So types of companies hiring such professionals include biotechnology organizations, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals ,academic medical centers and federal regulations departments.

Employment Outlook and Salary Information

As per sources and reports, clinical data managers as statisticians can expect 27% employment growth during the 2012-2022 decade, which is about as fast on an average. The mentioned in May 2015 that clinical data managers earned between $38,985 and $102,907 per annum, with the median salary being $67,138. In the race of many institutes and organizations CRB Tech Solutions has it own name in offering trainings on Clinical Trials and Clinical data Management.

Clinical Research review by CRB Solutions is sufficient to make you consider and take up a career in this field.