Career Opportunities After MSc Clinical Research

Career Opportunities After MSc Clinical Research

Clinical research is a booming industry and is gaining importance now. Most of the countries, including India is becoming actively involved in clinical research. MSc clinical research is a postgraduate degree that could be helpful in this sector.

Masters in Clinical Research is yet not a very popular course among students.

The main reason for such a low demand is low level of awareness about the discipline and the job prospects. But those who are studying and working in pharma sector are well versed with the height of career prospects.

Clinical research industry has reported wonderful growth in the past years and is in need for professionals that are well versed and educated. MSc in Clinical Research helps the students to acquire the necessary skills and make good career in this field. There are many reputed schools across the globe that offers this post graduate course. It is a known fact that in order to make a fruitful career in any field one needs proper and higher educational qualification.

Clinical research deals with many aspects that include researching with medical equipment and medicines on the subjects of safety and performance. It is an important industry and the development of the healthcare sector highly depends on clinical research. The course MSc clinical research is a step towards the people looking to make big in the field of clinical research. In order to pursue this course one must have a bachelor’s degree in science or pharmacy as well. The schools which offer this course makes sure that the students attain the best possible education.

There are several good job opportunities after completing MSc clinical research. Research institutes worldwide keep posting job opportunities for people who have apt skills and education. A bright career in clinical research is equally fruitful and good money wise as well.

Job Opportunities

Clinical Research opportunities after Masters:

CRM are Clinical Research Managers:

They supervise designing and writing of protocols, case report forms and informed consent forms for clinical trials. They makes sure that Case Report Forms are reviewed timely and submitted to the data management group.

There are various growth prospects along the way. For those interested in research work, a PhD is the ideal choice. There are post graduate degrees and diplomas offered by various colleges which enhance one’s career prospects. Specialization in branches of pharma, life sciencesand biochemistry would be useful.

Studying further would also help in bettering their current job profile. A PhD in a related branch is must to become a Medical Director. According to industry reports, India owns the second largest pharma market in Asia and is growing by over nine per cent annually.

Some Related Alternative Careers

For individuals who have earned master’s degree, they might be interested in a couple of medical related careers. Medical assistants might work in hospitals, clinics, or doctors’ offices. Their main responsibilities include meeting with patients, discussing and recording their medical history, measure vital signs, administering medicine, and coordinating with the doctor. You could also consider a career as a medical or health services managers. These professionals take in charge of a variety of administrative and executive tasks in a hospital or clinic.

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