Career Opportunities in Biotechnology and Drug Development

Career Opportunities in Biotechnology and Drug Development

The world of biotechnology is growing progressively, similar also the career opportunities. But the choices could be daunting. This blog topic on career opportunities in Biotechnology and drug development, is influenced by the suggestions by Toby Freedman.

Many questions linger you, like what types of jobs are available? How do you take your first step? What will your job help you become a Preclinical Project Manager or a “Clinical Process Researcher? Even what is the difference between biotech and pharma?

Toby Freedman is credited to put together a solid resource for getting jobs and your career development in the biotechnology and pharma sector. Toby Freedman’s book is a comprehensive guide which could be an invaluable help to find your first job in the biotech industry.

The very chapters on writing a resume and interview techniques, including informational interviews, are brief but well-written and useful. If you’ve read a lot of career guides, these chapters won’t teach you anything you didn’t heard before.  The real thing about Freedman’s book is the industry-specific information that it has.

In an excellent overview chapter, Freedman defines the breadth of the industry, and briefs the various product development pathways which is followed by therapeutic, nontherapeutic, and medical device companies.

The individual chapters, cover a wide range of career pathways like preclinical research, drug discovery,project management, clinical development, regulatory affairs, medical affairs,quality assurance control, product development, business development, sales, marketing, and corporate soft skills.

The chapters on executive management, finance, legal affairs, and even recruiting got featured in this comprehensive guide of Freedman.

Each chapter in the book includes summary of various roles and offers a thoughtful analysis of both the positive and negative aspects of a said job.  For instance, in clinical development, Freedman notes that “Original and applied clinical research is exciting.  The results are unknown until trials are completed, and each trial process is unique. The work is close to the market, but there is frequent need to meet the constant looming deadlines, and the objectives often appear to be too much, sooner, with very little. Freedman suggests that when you begin, try to decide which path to follow, must know the downside of a job which could be a very useful information.

It’s natural to discuss salaries and compensation, as this is another potential for career development, and a look at how future appears might make an influence on job security.

Keeping in mind what is more usefull for job seekers, Freedman clearly lays out job requirements and typical pathways to the role, and provides tips that could be helpful for getting one’s foot set ahead. With descriptions with how one can excel in a role, and qualities common to good candidates Freedman has really mentioned the most practical aspects in this career prospect.

The guide isn’t so cheap, and even not very portable; but if you are seeking for a career in the pharma and biotech industry, the guide by Toby Freedman must be at your side.

We conclude the discussion here. Hope you liked it and let us know what else could be the advantages of technology in the field of clinical research trials.

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