How To Become A Clinical Research Associate

Career Guidance On How To Become A Clinical Research Associate

If you want to know how to become a clinical research associate, then this blog is for you. CRB tech provides best CRA career guidance tips.

In a world now where Clinical research is a booming industry in India and also worldwide. There is the immense significance of the role of a clinical research associate, in order to find novel drugs and treatment protocols or new devices. To know how to become clinical research associate, keep reading this blog.

This happens to be a very competitive profession in terms of salary and also provides a good chance for travel and working along with other professionals. The growth opportunity is quite big, and it is generally a favoured profession.

The base foundation

One of the basic steps to become a CRA is laying out a proper foundation for the job. In this field, a related degree or a clinical research associate degree is an added advantage. For those yet in school, earning a degree in the field of science and behavioural science will definitely help a lot. Those with unrelated degrees might choose a few subjects that will help more knowledge in these areas.

Here we share a list of some relevant degree subjects within medical science which might increase your chances:










Cell biology

Since the profession means an aid in research procedures, it will help you if you some research of your own. Learn about the industry so that you are acquainted with the basics. Whether it is learning the language, finding the right connections or even finding the right job, having information in hand will be a help in the long run.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet, it’s the right time to get one. It will take little time to get the right connections and find the best recruiters, so you need to start today.

Upgrade your skills

The first tip on how to become clinical research associate is that you need to upgrade yourself. Besides monitoring the research process, collecting and recording data CRA’s should be good at communication with others. A CRA must be amazing in both oral and written communication. Additionally, other skills like computer literacy and ability to work with various software programs are essential since they are also needed in the job.

Get certifications

A certified CRA is always in more demand. Not all companies need this, but it might help a lot as a career prospect. Check with the local research centres, as for how you can get a certificate. There are also several resources online and offline which can be used to prepare for a certification course.

Gain experience

In the field of clinical research, the experience is definitely a strong point. Those who are familiar with research and its methods are more likely to be hired than inexperienced CRAs. Gaining experience can also be possible by becoming a volunteer for researches, by doing this you gain hands-on experience. Research institutes and centres are the best places to earn this kind of experience. Another opportunity to earn experience is by becoming a research intern. Though this position is often unpaid it will offer you background and experience for your CV.

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