Nanotechnology Is Emerging In The Sphere Of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a broad branch of engineering which includes designing, making and machine functioning and other mechanical systems. One who aspires to become a mechanical engineer must have subjects like instrumentation and measurement, thermodynamics, statics, heat transfer, materials and strength and solid mechanics with special mention in CAD and CAM, energy conversion, kinematics, hydraulics and so on.

Mechanical engineers would be next summoned to create technologies which offer cleaner, healthier and safer global environment. Also that offer sustainability.

Among several interesting ideas captured by the ASME report, there are two main conclusions: the curriculum for mechanical engineers must consider the requirements of destitute people, and convergence of upcoming technologies would vastly change how engineers work and bring new changes.

How to develop sustainability?

To develop a safe and sustainable world is a real challenge for the mechanical engineers. The ASME report mentions that presently there are about four billion people who live on less than $2 per day.

The ASME panel says that the population must be finding out, how engineers would be taught to approach well in their field. There is a huge value in providing the people a better life.

By the year 2028, development in nanotechnology, and biotechnology will find way into the methods of designing and developing new devices. Engineers can also find solutions to local problems.

In response to a trend which has already taken shape amidst globally operating companies, the ASME panel says that upcoming technologies in CAD, robotics, nanotechnology, and biotechnology would bring transformation in the work of engineers.

In next 20 years, it is such that home-based private fabricators would become economically available to everybody, who wants to have them. Engineers can behave as independent communicators among colleagues globally. They can create new designs at home with the help of CAD systems or in collaboration with global colleagues online.

Rohit Talwar, a futurist says that virtual worlds, like Second Life, is a new technology that transforms what we think as real. Virtual worlds would sooner become an interactive world among the colleagues. In combination with CAD systems, next to the mechanical engineers can collab in interactive environments where they can create designs with collaboration, test hypothesis, showcase models and observe creations in 3D.

The ASME panel emphasizes, the grand challenges of natural resources and food are immense globally and they should be addressed, sooner.

Every time when the society needed great contributions from mechanical engineers in the past, the profession overcame every challenge. So every mechanical engineer there, prepare your bio and make it more efficient and concise it and make things happen in your favor.

With this, we conclude. Hope this piece of information is helpful to you.

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