Differences Between 2D And 3D Auto-CAD Drawing

2D Auto-cad Drawing:

It supports only two dimensions in CAD like height and width. It does not support thickness of the object.

2D objects have two dimensions as the following:

  • Rectangle,

  • Circle

  • Square,

  • Triangle etc.

2D Auto-cad Drawing can be divided into 3 important groups or parts:

Product Drawing

2D Auto-cad drawings are used by the industry of fabricators & manufacturers. Even most of the 2D drawing is made by 3D CAD model. In 2D context, a drawing has all the information in it when we print out on a paper.

Construction Drawing

Architectural drawing, building, floor plans, installers, M&E drawing are included in construction drawing. So, this is a part of 2D CAD drawing as well which can be printed & can be an easily readable floor plan, these types of drawings either designed in 3D. But on the other side of M&E drawings are shown through the symbols like switches & sockets on a 2D floor plan.

Line Drawing

This type of drawing are simple sketches. So, these drawings are created in CAD packages like AutoCAD or Assault system drafting.

3D Auto-cad Drawing:

3D mainly display a picture in a form which appears to be physically present with a structure of the design is necessary that it allows pictures which appear easy to the human eye.

When 3D pictures or drawings can create an interaction so that the audience feel involved with the scene and the experience is called Virtual Reality.

Tessellation, geometry, and rendering are 3D image creation which is viewed as a ‘Three-Phase’ process. So in the first phase, models are made up of individual objects using link points and that is designed in a number of individual tiles. Next is the second phase, the tiles are transformed several ways and apply the light effect on it. Then, in the third phase, the images are rendered into objects with minute detailing.

Major Differences:

2D is a display which is expressed in length and height on flat planes but without any depth. One instance is a shadow, which is 2D. Hence, 2D shapes are typically measured in square units like cm2. But, 3D is defined as 3-dimensional drawings or models they described objects with Depth. The depth of an object must not be confused with weight. So, 3D measurement includes cubic unit cm3, quart liters and also a tablespoon. This happens to be the main difference between 2D and 3D.

Hence, when we apply 3D to physics, the mention is about 3 enumerable vectors. This concept of 3D is quite different from 2D drawings.

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