Comparative Analysis Of The Various CAD Software

Design processes became faster after the introduction of CAD software and with reduction of the design time; the new product introduction time has also lowered immensely. In this blog, we shall discuss different attributes of AutoCAD, Solid Edge, Pro-Engineer, Catia and Microstation

2D CAD software

This software was first developed in the 1970’s. They were used in major automobile and aerospace organizations to develop internal design software. This software is created to overcome repetitive drafting problems.

Some popular 2D cad software:

1. Autocad: This is one of the first CAD software to popularize the application of CAD software as it needs no strong graphics configurations. Initially, it was command based but the later versions were developed as one of the most user-friendly 2D software. Autocad can be tailored using Auto lisp, Visual lisp,.Net. VB, and C++. It supports.DWG and .DXF file formats. Though 3D modeling is also possible it’s not so popular.

2. Microstation: This software is popular for application in civil, architectural and plants related sketches, and it also has good rendering features. The later versions can do 3D modeling too. It can be tailored using Microstation development language (MDL), VBA, C, and C++. It supports.DGN and.DWG and .DXF file formats, as well.

3D CAD software

This type of software was created to help product design really fast and thus give birth of product lifecycle management (PLM) and product data management (PDM).

Besides, 3D visualization this 3D CAD software have lots of advanced features. To mention, are a parent-child relationship, Top-down modeling approach Parametric and geometry.

Some popular 3D cad software:

1. Catia:

An icon-based high-end cad software. It is more known for its very advanced surface modeling capabilities. As per expanse, it is higher than pro/e, solid edge etc. Besides CAD it also has CAM modules and CAE.The latest version can be tailored using VB, C++, and CAA.

2. Pro-Engineer (pro/e): This is menu-based software. It has several modules namely, sheet metal, surface modeling, Pro mechanic (FEA), cabling etc. This is known for its amazing parametric and logical relations.

3. Solid Edge: This is also icon-based software. It is user-friendly, but with some drawbacks like, the user cannot see how an edit would interact with its next features. Solid edge can be tailored to the use of VB.

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