CAD/CAM Mechanical Seminar

Seminars are essential part of engineering and at some point you all need to make a ppt and submit a report. Now the real issue is to get theright submission. Herew e shall discuss about some choices that you can make for your next seminar.

For a mass production, the requirements are different and there is rapid growth need for good communication and feedback between manufacturing and designing processes, putting them into a single system capable of being optimized wholly.

CAD/CAM system is suits mainly the design and manufacturing of mechanical components of free form, 2D and 3D. CAD/CAM technology is quite influencing in the frobotics. CAD/CAM is like use of digital knowledge to guide the designers in analysis, cretaing, making, editing and optimization.

Benefits of CAD/CAM

Helps in designing office.

Easy to refer the materials of earlier designs and information.

Time for changing design and updating a document is reduced.

Designer need not do routine work and hence can invest time in other innovative works.

Lower costs and better results

Reduced dependency on design subcontractors.

CAD/CAM improves the productivity in designing, making and production gain; that results in lowering of cost and also improves quality.

What topics you must cover while making a ppt for a seminar?


Gist of CAD/ CAM

Advantage of CAD /CAM



Computer Graphics




Review of literature

Here we share some topics that you might consider to cover:

AirCraft Auto Pilot Roll Control System

AIR DEFENSE GUN Mechanical Project mechanical seminar topic

Air Driven Engine mechanical seminar topic ppt.

CAD/CAM technology in robotics.

(Project topics taken from online source)


The projects mentioned needs the CAD/CAM system which offers several advantages and yields improved work quality, better and usable information and improved control.

With this we conclude. Hope this piece of information helps you.

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