Best Selenium Training Institute in Pune

Best Selenium Training Institute in Pune

Introduction to Selenium :

CRB Tech is one of the best selenium training institute in pune who provides software testing training program and top certification courses in pune.

 A few should know things about Selenium:

– It isn’t feasible to conduct testing on images, using this tool. One is required to integrate Selenium with Sikuli, to carry out image based testing.

– There is no ensured support provided for Selenium. One would have to rely on the existing customer communities

– The tool lacks native reporting facility. In any case, we can overcome that issue by incorporating it with systems such as Junit or TestNG.

– As mentioned above, Selenium can be only deployed for testing of web based applications.

Reasons for popularity of Selenium:

– Supports all the major Operating Systems like MAC, Linux and Windows

– In Selenium, scripts can be written in a number of programming languages like Ruby, C#, Java, Python etc.

– For the purpose of Continuous Testing, it can be integrated with Jenkins, Maven and Docker.

These are some of the primary reasons, for Selenium being so popular.

Selenium being an open-source tool, you do not have to bear the licensing cost, which forms a major advantage over rest of the testing tools present in the market.

If one sets on the quest for the best Selenium training institute in Pune, a name that would come forward would be CRBtech. Subsequently, a question that would come across your mind would be,

Why CRBtech is the best Selenium training institute in Pune?

In order to answer the question, we will have to see what CRBtech provides as a part of its Selenium training in Pune.

First of all, it is not just Selenium training. CRBtech offers a complete Software Testing course that comprises of training in both Manual and Automation testing.

Hands-on training on tools such as Selenium is also a part of this course. As an add-on, you will be also trained on different Database technologies like SQL etc.

CRBtech also provides assistance for Selenium certification in Pune. Once you become certified, your chances of getting a job would increase manifold.

CRBtech ensures that each of their candidate gets placed through its 100% job guarantee policy

Get trained in Soft Skills, Interview skills etc. at CRBtech, and make your profile stronger.

It does not end here…reach out to CRB, for more information.

  • Basics of Selenium for novices:

Definitely, you would get to learn Selenium in detail, at Selenium courses in Pune. Over here, we just want you to get introduced to this Automation test tool. This would help you to not feel a total alien, while attending the classes.

Selenium which is an open source tool, is utilized for test automation of the tests that are to be conducted on web browsers (Testing of web based applications takes place on multiple browsers). Testing of just web based applications is conceivable using Selenium. One can neither test any Desktop based (software) application as well as test any mobile based application, with the help of Selenium.

The Selenium tool suite is made up of the following:

– Selenium IDE

– Selenium WebDriver

– Selenium RC (presently depreciated)

– Selenium Grid

Look out for those software testing training program, that would train you on Selenium. You can definitely go for the best Software testing training institute in Pune, i.e. CRBtech.