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Best Clinical Research Training Institute in Mumbai and Pune

If you want to make a career in Clinical Research then join the Best Clinical Research Training Institute in Mumbai and Pune. Best clinical research courses in Mumbai and Pune.

Clinical Research

If you want to make a career in Clinical Research then join the Best Clinical Research Training Institute in Mumbai and Pune. The Clinical Research Training undertaken in this Best Clinical Research Courses offered in Mumbai will make you successful in Clinical Research Career.

Facts or principles are set up and the information is gathered on a subject which is systematically investigated under Clinical Research.

Clinical Study

The above research is studied clinically on volunteering human participants.

Clinical trials identify the safety, performance, and dosage of a drug.

The following clinical trials are approved by FDA.

  • Phase I: 20-100 participants

  • Phase II: Approximately 200 participants

  • Phase III: Thousands of patients globally

  • Phase IV: approval Pending, Continued monitoring with an increased focus on negative or adverse reactions & side effects in patients.

Best Clinical Research Training Institutes in Mumbai :

CRB Tech Solution is the best clinical research training institute in Pune which is nearby from Mumbai city. CRB Tech has a huge experience to providing training in clinical research domain and other.

Best Clinical Research Training Institutes in Pune

There are many clinical research training institutes in Pune but CRB Tech is well known institute in Pune city.

Why Is CRB Tech the best Training Institute?

For more than 15 years CRB Tech has been providing training in various domains like Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, IT, Clinical Research, etc. They also provide training in Soft skills, German Language and has placed 9000 students so far. Join this Clinical Research training institute in Pune now.

Our Training Highlights:


After completing the Clinical Research Certification in Pune, you can become a certified professional in this field.

Selection Process

After getting counseled you need to attend an online aptitude test followed by a personal interview which will then be directed to admission process.

Payment of Fees

You can pay via Debit card or Credit Card

You can pay by cash or NEFT options

You can apply for a loan


You will get a support every month during the training.

Placement guarantee

You will definitely get 100% job before or at the end of the training.

Selection Criteria

You should have completed a medical related degree to get into this course.


The clinical research training is for 6 months.


Their Trainers have excellent knowledge of the domain and will provide special attention to each and every candidate.


They have lots of alliance with more than 500 MNCs and MLCs like Syntel, Apotex, Cognizant etc.

How Clinical Research Career is the Best Choice:

Let us see five reasons to choose this as your best career choice:

You can make a difference in people’s lives or guide them in a better lifestyle. The population is benefited by the general use of drugs and medicines after certified from clinical trials. Such trials also deal with Alzheimer disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and heart diseases. Although few trials and research do not provide a quick result, it can be included in the database for future references.

Gain experience with the right companies

This is definitely a very good career for exploring your role in researching various medical related facilities. Clinical Research Associates and monitor tests require two years of experience in the industry. Just get enrolled in one of the best clinical research training institutes in Pune and get benefited from the CRA Graduate Program. The best clinical research courses in Pune offered by CRB Tech.

Challenging career

This is a flourishing and challenging career in dealing with the safety of drugs and product diagnosis. You will grow in this profession from a Clinical Research Associate and have a bright career in biomedicine with handsome salary packages.

There’s a lot of investment in the sector

This sector has a huge amount of investment with wonderful opportunities and varied options of trial in the industry.

It’s a varied role

You will always be in demand and need to monitor various research areas, writing reports for understanding the trials by various companies. You will also deal with various industry and careers related to Clinical Operations and its project management.

Clinical Research Career Options in India :

Clinical Reseach Career Options

Join the clinical research training to explore the following career options:

1. Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

For the purpose of monitoring the progress of clinical trials and clinical research studies, the CRA professionals are actually hired by various companies. They have a bright career in the future.

2. Clinical Data Manager

The data that is processed is handled and analyzed other than the sponsors by the Clinical data manager. Clinical trial sites are used as a base for collecting this data.

3. Quality Assurance (QA):

The validation of various parts of the clinical trial process is what quality assurance department actually deals with. It is very difficult to deal with the role of quality assurance specialist in this industry. You need to take extra care about efficacy, safety, purity etc.

4. Project Manager and Marketing Executives:

This profile will let you deal with safety and effectiveness of drugs for the disease management.

5. Clinical Investigator:

You can become a Clinical Investigator by earning a license as a physician. As an investigator, you will be investigating and validating various drugs and its performance

6. Other Jobs:

Some other jobs which require relevant educational background and experience in clinical research processes are listed below.

  • Account Directors: GCP Specialist and QA auditors, a graduate in life sciences is the requirement

  • Clinical Auditors: Contract associates, senior project managers. Need a work experience in proposal writing by graduation in life sciences

  • Drug Safety Scientist: Drug Safety Officer, Drug Safety Monitor, Drug Safety Associate. You need to have a master’s degree in life sciences with a good experience in computers, medical writing, and other clinical processes.

  • Regulatory Affairs Manager: Senior Regulatory Associates, Manager etc. You need 4 years of clinical research experience and a degree in life sciences.

Join the best Clinical Research Certification in Mumbai or in Pune

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CRB Tech is one of the Best Clinical Research Training Institute in Pune.